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The things that I most like was that it’s a small school so you can easily know everyone. Also that they have many groups to join, and actually they were very cool. Also that it was near the bridge and that’s better to the ones who live in Cd. Juarez.
Lydia Peterson a school full of diversity. This school is one of the best High Schools since all of its students go to college. However this school has a great environment which celebrates every important event of all the different cultures it has. In Lydia Patterson all teachers and staff are very well prepared and are kind with every single student. Also Lydia Patterson has great athletic opportunities. Even though it is a small school the athletes of this school had demonstrated that not only famous schools can archive big things. Finally Lydia Patterson it’s seen as a second house for many because of the confortable environment it has.
the teachers are great, but there is no support from the administration. No one actually cares about the sport in this school not even the coaches.
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What I like most about Lydia Patterson is that it is a very small school and there are not many students. In this school it is very easy to make friends. The teachers are the best, they communicate with the students very well and are very respectful. The only thing I would like to change would be the color of the uniform to a blue or black one.
Lydia Patterson Institute is the most wonderful school in El Paso, being there is like being part of a amazing family.
The most remarkable thing about Lydia Patterson Institute is the personal attention the student gets. Since it is a small school, the faculty and staff members assure that every single one of the students enrolled gets the best education possible; providing tutoring within a very flexible schedule, planning their lessons thoroughly and being understanding o any special circumstances.
Lydia Patterson has been like a second home to me. I literally spent most of my time in school and involved in extracurricular activities here. Most of the teachers are nice and the alumni as well.
I have been in this school since Iwas a freshman, and it has been an awesome experience since the first day.
It is a very good secondary and preparatory school, people treat each other as if they were a family and there are no distinctions among the students, when they pass through the halls they respect each other and do not forget the chivalry, being with a teacher is fun without losing respect, also the teachers are fun.

It is a very spacious school, and it gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves and be who they are.
The first thing I noticed when I went to the Open House was how close everyone was. Many say that the school is like a big family, and it is true, because as it is a small school everyone knows everyone. That was one of the main reasons why I decided to go. The teachers engage with the students and offer tutoring after school, which is a great opportunity for many students. There are many activities available throughout the year that help the students connect with each other. It is fun to be at Lydia Patterson, and if you are like me and like to be involved in school and participate in everything; this school offers a every reason to join the "after school life" and be part of what this school is, one big family.
Bad experience while I attended that school, no good memories from it. Although its been remodeled, I doubt it has changed one bit. Too much favoritism for certain students at that school.
I like that Lydia Patterson has plenty of opportunities for its students to continue their education, especially to international students. Lydia Patterson also provides many opportunities to anyone who wishes to study on its campus.
The ambiance is very nice! Everybody is very accepting and inclusive, due to the high number of students coming from Mexico. The classrooms are full of technology, we have tablets and smart boards to help us have a better learning experience. The school is kind of small, but that helps us students to get to know each other better and be more family-like. Overall, it is a good school that grants students great opportunities.
A superb atmosphere of impactful students who cross the border everyday to get to study as well as importantly learn from real life situations such as becoming responsible to work and take care of their scholarship because most students can't afford to study there so the only choice is to work like maintenance or janitors to continue attending that school for a better education and more opportunity.
I was only at Lydia Patterson for my senior year and I was very glad to graduate there. I was not involved in any clubs or sports but I felt very included and appreciated by the teachers and students. I had a great year at LPI and I still visit the facilities every now and then.
I like the school by practicing English for Mexican students with good teachers who are qualified from the system. The classes have a good environment for students and teachers that can work in groups in a project or hard homework. It may have good changes if the school would has good reputation among other US schools, besides of methodist schools.
Some professors are very passionate about what they teach and it makes me feel motivated to learn. I like the fact that it is a small school because it makes students and teachers be more connected. Including new technology on classrooms is very good, but some professors need more preparation to take advantage of that improvement on the school.
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My experinces at lydia Patterson institute have been great so far. Teachers and students are kind.
Our teachers at lydia patterson institute have treat skills. Teachers also care about our circunstancias. They aré friendly and kind.
Everyone looks one after another.
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