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Lycee International de Houston Bilingual School Reviews

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I recommend this school. The school has a very welcoming atmosphere. The Teachers are fantastic along with all other staff that make the school days flow. The children are absolutely happy to be at this school.
If you are looking for a true bilingual school Lycee Internatinal de houston is the one and only school in Houston. Great teachers and staff. Really caring for our kids the one on one approach that they have is unreal. If I could give it more stars I would. WE LOVE LIH GO BULLS!!!
Lycee has a wonderful working environment, dedicated teachers, supportive parents, and students who are passionate about learning.
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Lycee International creates an amazing learning environment.I love it here!! We've been incredibly impressed by the warmth of teachers, the outstanding facilities, the deeply engaged parent community,
The best bilingual school in Houston. We looked all over Houston made research before enrolling our 3 kids we wanted to make sure we were doing the right decision. Its has been the best three years and we are so amazed on how they have learn different languages in just three years in being in the school. We are so glad we made the right decision as we know LIH will prepare our kids for the future. We love LIH
Work at Lycee International de Houston is amazing, the team is real proactive and professional. You have room to grow as professional.
My daughter is thriving at LIH. She has gone from speaking no French at all, to speaking almost fluently since PK3, now in Kinder. She loves her teachers and the LIH community is a diverse mix of people, perfect for my daughter of mixed heritage. She has a dedicated Science teacher who does interactive projects with the kids. The food is even catered by a French chef! I would recommend this school to anybody looking for an inclusive environment and dedicated faculty/staff that will bring something extra to the education of your child.
I loved this school since day one. The one on one approach to each individual student is great. I have been working with LIH since they opened.
Strong bilingual program. Good mix of French and American curriculums.
I have been at the school since LIH open. I can highly recommend the Lycee.
TERRIBLE unprofessional management, high turnover, avoid at all costs. They have fired many good teachers. They hire and fire like changing underwear. Consider other school alternatives
The school is really progressing. They are very helpful and responsive. They hear each and every complaint from the parent and they take it seriously. The teachers are great. The number of kids in the classroom helps the kids to really benifit and progress. The curriculum is great, the kids get to learn French and English and study math and science in both languages. And they also start Spanish from 4 th grade. I am really satisfied in general. But as a new school, the campus is not 100 percent ready. But they are really working on that.
LIH is a wonderful school community which will truly give you the best of both worlds, through their full immersion French-English curriculum, their nurturing environment, their state-of-the-art facilities and resources, as well as qualified teachers in both languages.
You will feel very welcome from the moment you contact their competent staff, visit the premises and meet the teachers.

I highly recommend LIH, as much for the expatriate community in Houston as for the local community looking for excellent bilingual education for their children.
Hello! My two daughters joined the LIH family this year and I'm very satisfied with the education provided. The teachers are skillful and as the ratio by class is very good they can customize their education and adjust to the student. My daughters made huge progress especially in French as they follow the French curriculum. I Definitely recommend the LIH to anybody looking for a warm, nurturing and human size environment.
We were absolutely stunned by the warmth of the teachers, staff and especially the Head of School, who personally greeted us at the door when we first came to visit. Passed that greeting point, we have been satisfied with the environment, the brand new and well maintained facilities, the involvement of the parents, the kindness of the staff, the EXCELLENT teachers... Our kids are happy at LIH, and so are we!
Love the school! My daughter has only been here for 2 months and is already singing French songs to me. The school is kept clean and there are lots of opportunities for parents to become involved. The class sizes are small and there are many after school activities to choose from. The staff is really kind and sweet to my young daughter. I recommend this school to anyone who believes bilingualism can be a plus in this world.