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The school has good and bad aspects but I mostly remember the constant stress from juggling two education systems, some teachers were not properly preparing us for the Bac. Students did not help the scenario, they were extremely competitive which caused severe divides and issues between students who scored well and those who did average. The administration knew about this and only staged one intervention in the 5 years that the toxic environment had grown.
In the end, the educational value is good, but the students end up burnt out. In order to have a better experience, I recommend making friends outside of the school, whether that be through a job or extra-curricular not affiliated with the school.
Although the school has high expectations the administration is actively trying to make life on the campus better. As a bilingual school we thrive on the multiple languages we learn and speak. My school is fabulous and I love that they have lots of financial aid programs to allow more people into our school.
Excellent academics but very competitive environment between the students which can be toxic at times. The readiness for American colleges varies, certain students are favored by the college counselor based on where they are applying and some students are entirely neglected. I had an amazing experience at this school as a French student however I would like to see more diversity. Overall very good.
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My experience at lycee these past 12 years have been accompanied by many ups and downs.
I am currently a Senior, juggling US college applications, SAT, constant testing, and exams and studying for the BAC.

I am very grateful for the school to have given me a bilingual education, yet I truly feel the lycee has burned me out.

There are only 3-4 teachers that I would say are truly doing their job but sadly many of the rest are not preparing us for the BAC and are not giving us serious lessons.

What I am most disappointed in with this school would be the lack of interest in mental health. Especially in the last few years of high school, the majority of my peers have been under extreme stress when it comes to the workload and the grades not even mentioning some very difficult family situations.

Please invest more time in the well-being + mental state of your students.
Our two children have been at the Lycee since nursery school (Ashbury campus) and are now in middle school and high school (Ortega campus). We selected the Lycee for the following reasons: it's the "French" French school, the teachers are top notch, the curriculum is rigorous, the college acceptance list is impressive, it's affordable as compared to other private schools, the class trips are amazing (e.g., Morocco, Mexico City...), there are a huge variety of programs (e.g., technovation for girls), the campuses are homey and safe, classroom sizes are small, the administration is efficient and caring, and the community is open and vibrant. Our children are perfectly bilingual (and becoming trilingual), have close friends, and are on the path to being multicultural global citizens.
It's an amazing international community. Kids become entirely bilingual and bicultural, develop critical thinking, creativity and compassion.
The Lycee has a really high standards in education. The teachers are knowledgeable and the school runs smoothly.
This is an excellent school, with an amazing pedagogical team (Staff and teachers are all excellent). My daughter loves going to school there, so that's the biggest reward. This reminds me of the school I went to as a child and allows me to transmit my culture and childhood expereince with her.
My son is in 3rd grade at Lycée Français de San Francisco. We arrived from France 4 years ago and the Lycée Français was a natural choice as we wanted a bilingual and bi-cultural education for our son. We couldn't be happier with our choice: he's fully proficient in both French and English and feels comfortable in both languages. He would read a book in English and tell me the story in French. Teachers are caring and involved and we had very good experiences so far. For us parents the community is also a plus, especially when you arrive from abroad and don't know anybody here. There is a really good mix of people who have been in the bay forever, international families, French (of course). I made friends through volunteering and I'm always happy to go to the school for the various events during the year.
Two of my children attended Lycée Français de San Francisco from pre-k to 12th We as parents, and them as students loved the experience. Very family like in the primary level and very much opened to the world in middle and high school. My children had the choice of going to college abroad or in the US.
Wonderful opportunities that I consider unique.
Both of my children have been at LFSF since pre-school and they absolutely love it. In addition to the impressive curriculum and effective French immersion program, teachers are wonderful, families are friendly (hailing from both the U.S. and all over the globe), and my kids love the aftercare so much they don't want to leave when I come to pick them up.
This is a fantastic school focused on bilingual education. Here I found the best of US and French education for my daughter (who graduated last year) and my son. I wish to congratulate teachers, non teaching staff and administration for always seeking solutions in order to provide a tailor-made education and experience. To me this school is unique in the Bay area for its incredible academic program combined with a strong social and emotional support.
Our son is in his 4th year at the Lycée and he loves it. He is completely fluent in both written and verbal French and English. And the academics are absolutely top notch - he's far ahead of his peers at other schools in reading and math.

We also love the small school environment - our son knows all of the other kids in his grade, and the parent community has been warm and welcoming to all families, French and non-French alike.
Lycee Francais is an amazing school. Our daughter has been here since preschool and she is getting an education that is equally rigorous and caring. She is growing and learning in a multilingual and diverse environment where she speaks fluent French and English while also learning Spanish. After school activities are comprehensive and diverse. And students who graduate from Lycee go onto great universities such as Harvard, Brown, Berkeley, McGill, Sorbonne and other great universities around the world. And compared to other private schools in the Bay Area, it is quite affordable. As a non French family, we feel extremely blessed and lucky to have come upon such a great school for our daughter and a new community that will grow into lifelong friends.
This school is an interesting place.
Academically, it was challenging which made it that much more fun and interesting. However, this causes extreme competition within the class leading to a toxic learning environment. For students dealing with learning differences, the school offers all they can to make sure you are not lost and receive the extra aid, whether it comes in the form of extra time on tests or the teacher's notes.
Culturally, the LFSF school spirit is basically non-existent, no matter how much the administration tries to force it upon the students. All sporting events are disregarded by everyone that is between the grades of 8 and 12 (other than the mandatory events).
In short, it's a school that clearly needs some working on but does know for the large part what it is doing.
Exceptional bilingual school where students learn both rigorous French curriculum and key elements of US curriculum. Teachers are caring and administration very responsive. An overall great experience for our two children.
Amazing teachers. Rigorous curriculum. Great after school activities.
Gifted students. Sense of belonging. Individualized support. STEM programs, sports and performing arts.
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My high school experience has been a long series of disasters. From incompetent teachers placed in positions of power over our education (namely, our current OIB history teacher, english section), to the blatant disregard of the administration to students' issues, namely the recurring expression of racist attitudes, I am severely disappointed with my experience. Though the education is very good, the toxic atmosphere detracts heavily from the benefits of academics.
It's a very good school to go to if you speak French at home. Teachers are amazing and willing to help. There is not a lot of diversity and student club extracurricular activities are limited.
The school is well run in terms of safety with video cameras and locks on the doors.