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An absolutely wonderful school - no where else I would have rather spent the last 15 years! The LFNY is particular in its bilingual focus but the way that French and English are woven into the curriculum makes it seamless. Academic are challenging but the warm arms of the community embrace you and help you through any struggle you may have. It has my highest recommendation!
At Lycée Français de New York, there are amazing teachers that push you to excel! The French model of education is insanely different from the American model. They teach us how to think critically.
I love this school - our kids started there 14 years ago. The education is fantastic and I appreciate the bilingual foundation as well as a the school's emphasis on the children's well-being. The teachers and parents are supportive and passionate.
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It used to be a good school. However they’re becoming a school with standards that don’t focus on the students but on how they are compared to other Ivy schools. They raised the school tution by 33% in 5 years and made really bad decisions. The HOS changed 3 times in 2 years. The last one left with no reasons after 1 year? They’d to pay her a 3 year contract and an expensive search. Then they said she was not a good fit? They are constantly spending money to renovate parts that don’t need to and yet they hardly get any money from the Annual Fund so they keep asking for a higher tuition. The school has a huge debts on buidling the amenities. There have issues dealing with bullism and there is no diversity. They say that everything is great... The problem is the Board of the school making bad decisions and it’s time they change before only very wealthy people can afford it. To get it, you’ve to have hardly any income and basically not be able to leave in the city.
As an alum I chose to send my daughter to the Lycée Français because 30 years later my core support group still comes from my time there. The education base is what has propelled me in my life to date, and a bicultural and bilingual education is a gift.
Lycee is an outstanding school combining the academic excellence of French curriculum with the critical mind and confidence building education of the American system. It creates a safe yet challenging environment for the children while fostering plurilinguism and a French / American bi-culture. The Lycee community is extraordinarily tight knit and diverse not just because of the multiple nationalities represented but also socio-economically, which is quite unique for Manhattan private school. Love Lycee and cannot recommend it enough.
We came here in August from Vienna (Austria) where our daughter used to go to the Lycee Francais de Vienne. From the first day we were welcomed and had a lot of attention what made us feel like being part of the family. The program is various and ambitious but not stressful and that makes learning to a positive experience. Compliments, that’s not easy to achieve!
We highly recommend the LFNY!
Strong bilingual program. Good mix of French and American curriculums. Could focus more on diversity. Could also strengthen the English taught in the primary grades. We have been at the school since Our children’s pre-k classes.
Great school with equal focus on academics and values. Teachers are attentive to kids’ needs and provide a tailored approach. I am very happy with my son’s experience in Maternelle and CP.
Our sons have attended the school since preschool. We truly believe in the value of a bilingual education, with warm and competent teachers. The community emphasizes respect and excellence. Thank you for helping my sons grow into well-rounded and motivated youngsters.
LFNY is a great school. My 2 kids started since 1st grade, they’re now in 3rd and 5th, they’re always happy and enthusiastic about school. The faculty and staff are truly amazing. Good bilingual education, but they can do better in English curriculum, especially in middle & high school. The community is very nurturing. It's a perfect blend of challenging and rewarding, enlightening, and empowering school.
Very happy with the experience at the lycee and very much hope to be a parent of a student at the lycee.
My son started the Lycee 4 years ago in Pre K. I’ve been impressed by the academics. In 1st grade, my son knew how to read and write In December ( in cursive in French and script in English).
My daughter just started Pre K this year and I’m thrilled to see how much she loves going to school, her teachers
and her friends.
Beyond the super strong academics, I’ve always loved the cultural aspect ( they have the best music teacher “Monsieur Jacques” ), the openness to the world and diversity and, above all, how much the staff, the teachers, the parents, the community CARE for the students ( “ bienveillance” in French).
We felt welcomed at the lycée from day 1. Amazing culture full of « bienveillance »
Thank you for having us we are proud to belong to the community !!!
I can highly recommend the Lycee. We are thrilled to have our two children there in kindergarten and 2nd grade. What a great school!
My kids love the school. It is friendly and very welcoming. Academics are strong and it is truly bilingual.
What a great place for your kids! Love the cross cultural education, great teachers, open mindedness.
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Great community with students from different cultures & countries. My daughter is excited to come to school everyday and her French is improving everyday. We are happy to have chosen the Lycee Francais for our family.
My grandchildren go to the school - they are half-French and half-English - growing up in NY - the Lycée is giving them a fantastic education and creating genuine citizens of the world - smart open-minded and confident - bravo!
The community is the best. My kids have friends they will keep for life, and my worry was there would be too many drench kids, but the multi culture is definitely present. Recommend it!