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Our family is so happy with the Lycée and grateful for what the Lycée offers to our 3 children. We have been living in different places in the world and therefore have experienced several lycées and the Lycée Français de Chicago is definitely our best school experience so far.
It offers a great combination of both Academic rigor and excellence as well as a US-Inspired learning environment and outstanding classroom experience for our kids.
Teachers are passionate and super engaged, fully dedicated to the children's success and they do not hesitate to go beyond what is required from them.
The campus is brand new and modern, giving to the kids a super nice place to learn and grow.
Under the leadership of the new head of school hired 5 years ago, the Lycée has gone through a massive transformation towards further Academic excellence.
I would like to thank LFC and all its fantastic teams for their amazing efforts and the great educational environment they provide to the students. The LFC offers a unique model thanks to a strong curriculum, a bilingual education, a diverse environment, dedicated teachers and so much access to multiculturalism. Trips, experiences, languages and the development of critical minds. I strongly believe that excellence and differentiation are key factors of success in education, especially in the US. But most importantly, the students are happy and in a balanced, cohesive environment; and they love their teachers and their school. The LFC is growing and one can feel the dynamism of a young institution, always seeking to improve with the best programs. This agility is felt and embraced by all its staff and the students. Our daughter has had great results and loves her Lycée Français.
Do not attend this school. I have been going since preschool, and I am graduating in a couple days. This was such a large part of my life so yes, I did enjoyed my time here. The teachers are fabulous. I am prepared for college. Despite all of that, though, the school is horrible (not academically, but in how it's run). It cares only about money. The school only wants fabulously wealthy people to attend, no matter academic achievements or hard work. The pro of a small school should be personalization, and yet that is increasingly scarce. I absolutely love my teachers (the IB teachers), but they are the only people who really care for you at this school. The administration does not want to run a school, but a business. They do not care about people AT ALL. There are so many things wrong with the direction in which Lycee is heading. I don't feel that I properly expressed my frustration towards this school, but know that it does warrant this one-star review.
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Unless your child is exceptionally bright, don't expect a good experience at the Lycee. The biggest mistake we made was sending our children to this school.
Lycee Francais de Chicago is a great school. The teachers care about the students success. It is a very rigorous school, so the student leave being well prepared for the college classes.
Our oldest child started at the Lycée six years ago. She is now in third grade, with siblings in first grade and junior-k. We have been extremely impressed with the school. All of the teachers have been amazing. They care deeply about the children and are attentive to their individual needs. I like that they emphasize the joy of learning. They have an integrated approach to the curriculum where what they study in different subjects is connected to common themes throughout the year. This includes substantial engagement with art and music, among other things. Our third grade daughter is now fluent in French and she reads as well in French as she does in English. Our younger children are picking up the language more every day. All three of them love going to school. Parents are very involved in the school. The prevailing attitude is one of mutual support and encouragement. I plan to keep our children in the school all the way though 12th grade.
I attended the Lycée from pre-K through twelfth grade. Now, with a year of college under my belt, I am overall very grateful for my time there. The teachers were like family, as were your peers, since it was a small and tight-knit community. Be assured, it's a very heavy and at time grueling workload, especially for an American student who didn't speak French at home. But the feeling at graduation, exams done, celebrating with your best friends, teachers, mentors, and family, is irreplaceable!
I have been at the Lycee since Kindergarten. I love this school, they create such a great environment for learning! The one thing I would like to change is the lack of diversity !!
The Lycée is an incredible, international school that allows students to become true global citizens. With engaged and involved professors and a tight-knit community of students, the school allows students to rise to their potential through hard work and commitment.
The LFC campus is beautiful. Learning English and French at the same time can be very challenging, but the teachers and staff make it easy by providing you with all of the support and help you need. The athletic programs at LFC are the best way to practice self-care and enjoy time out of the books by partaking in friendly/competitive games.
We have been at the school for 13 years and have a boy and a girl. Our daughter is fully fluent and will graduate with the French Bac which is very well respected. She travelled to Montreal, France and China this year to represent our school.
Our college counsellor is amazing and the children get into top schools. The teachers are very dedicated, staying late to help if I child needs it. We did have more teachers leave this year, but when I spoke with a lot of the teachers most were following a spouse to a new job.
Our son struggles more with the French and may choose to do a bilingual IB program in 9th grade. Less French. but still a highly regarded program. He travelled to Montreal this year for a math contest.
I feel the school is good value. Yes, like most private schools you are expected to give to the Annual Campaign but it is not forced- like at some schools.
The flaws of the school are so many. The grabbing for money has become ridiculous. French is not spoken in a way of a true immersion school. When I am there to volunteer, French is never spoken in the hallways. Also, almost every parent I know has their child in additional programs, mostly for French - FRENCH! A French immersion school whose students require supplemental French! How can that be? The answer to this is now providing one-on-one time with a teacher. How is that immersive? It tries to mimic immersion schools, private schools, and even public schools, and fails in all arenas. I laugh at people who say the school prepares its students for Harvard, Stanford, etc. Once every 5 years a LFC student gets accepted to an Ivy League college, which is much less than any other private school. The lycee is not known for Ivy League matriculation. It's known for its students uttering some French, parents thinking it's fluent, and paying tuition plus other contributions.
Our family has been thrilled with the Lycée. The teachers are caring and seem to love our child. The community of parents is enthusiastic, engaged, and interesting due to the diversity of international backgrounds. In looking at other top private schools in Chicago, this level of diversity is uncommonly high. And most importantly, it's a great overall education, with the added bonus of producing multilingual graduates with a global perspective.
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