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L.W. Higgins High School Reviews

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I spent the most important year of my life at L.W. Higgins High School and it is truly an experience I will never forget. From my freshmen to my senior year I gain an education that will help me get to where I want to be in life. My teachers and administration at this school were very influential and helped me in numerous different ways that I am very grateful.
Overall, Higgins is a decent school. I’m a senior so all of my years here have been pretty nice. Most of the time I’m either participating in something or getting involved in any way possible. I’m even a part of a group called leadership that helps around the school
There isn't really anything special about Higgins, it's just an average public school in Louisiana. This school could need better ventilation, needs to be a rework in the design of the school, as it is confusing to know where the classrooms are located, and needs a nursing office.
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it's a chaotic school but if you get a decent class with good students and a good teacher you will enjoy your time
What I like about LW Higgins is the diversity that it has I really like that there’s no one group there multiple groups I really like the teachers also and I like how there are certain clubs that try and boost spirit in the school.
My experience at Higgins has been very good during the four years that I have been here. The thing that I like about Higgins would be the sports and the clubs if you are in a sport where you feel like you are apart of something. also if you don't make the team some coaches ask you to be their manager. The thing that I would change about Higgins would be the food in the lunchroom by making the food taste better and not so dry. that is what I like and don't like about Higgins.
It's a decent school but most of the good teachers (besides the few that have been working here for many years) end up leaving after only a single school year due to how disrespectful and lazy most of the students are.
My experience at Higgins was lackluster. I feel like i'm not college ready even though, I'm top of my class. A lot of the teacher don't care what goes on or some care too much on the wrong stuff. Most of the students want to be gang members or drug dealers. I. Ms. Mobley is the best teacher there. She is a biology and leadership teacher. Taking her class was the best moments of my high school career. Besides the Academics side of school, there were no clubs for students to be more active in school. There's Student council, National honor society and that's it really. Both ran by Ms. Mobley with the same 30 kids in both clubs. I also played football at the school, we were terrible. No one had school spirit, team didn't have passion for the game, and no one came to practice. I loved playing football but sometimes it felt like a waste of time. Overall My high school experience wasn't that great. The few friends I've made and relationships I've built kept me driven to be successful
It’s a high school I’m sure nobody can say they fully love or loved theirs. Everyone has different opinions on Higgins but it’s not the worst school. Everyone’s just different and have all of it in one place will never fully work but Higgins at least try. When asked what I hate about my school it’s always that it’s school if I went to any other school I would feel the same way.
My experience with LW Higgins High School was amazing. I participated in a lot of different clubs and sports. I'm currently a senior and I am and in Nation Honors Society Club, Student Council, Leadership, softball, and cheer leading. And on top of all that, i am a class officer. My GPA is a 3.98 and i'm ranked 11 in my class. Overall, Higgins been great to me. I try and do all my work and make the best of high school with my friends. One thing Higgins can try and change is the kids involvement. I know its not their fault but we usually don't have a lot of school spirit. I love high school and i am glad to say i will be a LW Higgins Alumni.
The people are actually pretty cool, everyone’s allowed to be themselves and no one judges. Teachers try to push you to be better and they have more spirit than some other school because you can feel how real a school is. Like academic wise they may not be so great but as students and faculty everyone lets others be who they want unlike forcing them to be someone else.
Like any other high school, you begin with a rough start; hard classes, new school, and especially new people. My school is located in a rough area in Louisiana, where violence and crime is outside our window. Just because the location is bad, doesn't mean the school is. This was my first impression entering the hurricane territory as a high school freshman. Personally my high school experience went from terrifying to terrific in 3 years, i will forever have hurricane pride but just going to class feels like a category 4 (my inside joke). We all have our bad sides and good sides of high school but what mainly kept us together is our friends. They were our main purpose of going to this school, they show us the better side of high school. Now being a high school senior, i will never regret coming to this school. My downfalls were the greatest fall I've ever had .
Higgins high school is set in the middle of an urban area surrounded by many different ethnicities and ways of life. when you enter Higgins you get a sense of everything being blended together to create a beautiful campus.
My experience at L.W Higgins High with both the students and staff members wasn’t the best but I made it the best. Academically I am top ten of my class. I work five days out of the week including weekends from the time I get off school until midnight and I kept a great gpa. The teachers were sometimes understanding and helped me through the course. I gave it my %100 and awarded many academic awards, it showed.
I am an alumni of this high school and overall I would say that if you are academically driven then there is opportunity for advancement in your future endeavors.
My 4 years at Higgins was the best years of my life. The teachers are always involved with the students.
The teachers help a lot, the most important part for me was having a Latino after school program that thought me a lot more about college and the way of getting to my major goal.
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LW Higgins is not exactly the best public school available, but there are teachers and staff who care for the wellbeing of students. They have made the highschool expereince worth wild.
An average school, I really enjoyed the teachers and classes I had, but the students made it hard to learn there. I feel that most of them were there just to be there. There were a lot of clubs and sports that I participated in.
The administration needs to be changed asap !! I enjoyed my first three years but this year is the worst. I used to be a majorette ,but i quit once my coach left ... it’s not the same anymore.
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