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Luxemburg-Casco High School Reviews

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Pretty much everyone's super friendly, most of the teachers are awesome and care about people, and it's not super stressful or anything. I may have a slight bias since that's where I've gone for 4 years, but I really like the place and the people, and I'll miss it when I'm gone.
They’re very welcoming but they need to work on how they handle situations. Some teachers are very good while as others give grades based on how they like the students. Overall it’s a pretty good school.
I like the welcoming feeling of Luxemburg-Casco High School. Everyone is very kind to each other. I would like to see some change within the teachers because some are not there for the bettering of our future.
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Luxemburg Casco is a very sport oriented school. It focuses much more on sports than academics and other school programs like musicals and clubs.
Small knit family like setting. Staff are very caring and concerned for your education. School is currently under construction as a referendum passed which will give students more resources, safer entrances, and athletic space.
It is a good school, but I wish we had up-to-date books. I see rats run around and I have seen bats by the doors. Overall, the building needs to be updated. Teachers need to not teach at the lowest kids level because it hurts the rest of the class.
I love the school it is a wonderful place with amazing teachers. However, some teachers don't seen to know much about the material they are teaching and don't have a very good of teaching. I have learned a lot in this school and the teachers have helped me learn what I want to go to college for. The teachers really care about their students and they have great clubs that help you learn even more outside of class.
I am a senior at Luxemburg-Casco High School and over the years my experiences have been wonderful! There is always help when you need it whether it's academics, with guidance and more. One thing that could be improved is some of the facilities such as the gym. Overall I ranked a five star because my experiences have affected me positively.
I feel safe there. Through all the school shootings that have occured, I do not worry much. There are armed police that appear throughout the school. Bullying does occur but not in the form of physical harm. Most is through cyber bullying so it is hard for one to stop this but there are some rules for that. I do not know much about the nurse or health programs so I can't say anything there.
I know many teachers who like to have fun. They incorporate a lot of things that make the work easier and more enjoyable. Some through in some rap, others use models with play doh, some let the students use nerf guns, and yet others tell jokes and try to get loosen the atmosphere. But there are still a few teachers who don't teach as well. They kind of expect you to either know or just do it yourself. But overall they are a great squad and you get to know them well.
I would more so give it like a 3.5 out of 5. There has been many more rules implemented on the students like the heads of the school do not trust the students. Yeah some students need this, but as a whole, there are more responsible students than not. This school, though, is outstanding in sports. We have gone to state many times over in wrestling and cross-country with multiple championships. Academically it is of well quality. I wish it had more AP classes but there are some challenging classes that do indeed prep for college.
I think overall my school is a great school. The experience is very pleasant and there is hardly anything I would complain about.
I think the school is very safe. We have multiple drills for practice and have teachers or cops in halls watching. Health is a big thing in the school and makes sure everyone is cared for.
There are a great variety of clubs with support.
I think the organizations are ran very well and get a lot of support from the community. Some kids are favored more because of the parents involvement in the district but everyone is nice to each other
The majority of teachers are helpful and know how to teach a class effectively. The are very little few who may not care as much but the majority do care.
I believe what really makes this school great is the positive environment the sports and other after school activities play. In most schools, other sports don't come out and support other sports even in their season, but here no matter what sport you play, the gym is always packed giving you a great feeling of family here. They make this place home not just for sports but it's a great little community here that really shows our school pride.
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The teachers at our school provide a very high quality of education, most of the teachers do very well in preparing you for the real world and what it takes to be great worker later on in life. You learn essential skills that will build your character up and eventually make you a great person in life. Some of the teachers don't neccesarily use the technology that is provided and I think that's a huge downfall. Since the community around us is revoulutionizing to more of a technology based community.
We have many cameras around. We have locked doors that you need to be buzzed into except during lunch when the doors are unlocked for open campus. The school nurse is only available for two hours a day because she splits her time with the middle school.
Some teachers are willing to do anything for their students and go above and beyond. Others hate their job and don't want to be their. Some teachers are very knowledgeable but they aren't able to convey the information effectively to the students.
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