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Luverne Senior High School Reviews

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Luverne was an okay place to go to school. Their is too much praise and emphasis on sports and not enough towards the arts and clubs.
Luverne Senior High School provides efficient education. However, there is no diversity or sense of community if you and your family are not known to the community. Diversity is nonexistent in the school.
The teachers were all very helpful when I asked questions about things I didn’t understand. The sport teams were all very welcoming and they help you develop teamwork. It really prepared me for college and it offered college level courses for credit.
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Friendly community, in process of updating buildings, which will be an improvement. Very involved and allows for college/life prep.
I am currently a junior at Luverne High School, and as you can see in my reviews below, some things are horrible but others are very good. One of the main things I’ve liked about my school was the teachers. Many of my teachers have given me very hands on learning and I feel have prepared me very well for college and for the future in general. A negative of LHS would have to be the culture. There is no diversity, and as someone who is part of a minority group, it is very hard to feel like I belong. Many people I know feel the same way. My school is predominantly “hicks” or people who live in the country. These people tend to be very racist, sexist, homophobic, and in general not nice. Where as I am the exact opposite. I think everyone deserves to be accepted and so I basically love everyone. Our views clash very much in this way and that is why I don’t like the culture here.
Luverne Senior High School is within a tight-knit community and that shows in the involvement of parents and the community.
I enjoyed Luverne High School when I went here. I enjoyed the freedom they allowed their students to have with college courses and with open hours. I wish they would have taught more classes with life skills in them
I have been enrolled at Luverne Public Schools all my life and I am very pleased with the value of education I have received. I have made lifelong friends through my classes and school activities. Getting older into my senior and junior years I was very thankful for the wide variety of college classes I was able to take while still in high school. I have found that since the school is of a smaller size that I have formed close relationships with the faculty and felt very comfortable taking a hold of the resources the school provided for students. Overall, I am very proud to be a Luverne graduate.
My experience at Luverne High School has been really good. I have grown a lot as a person over the past few years, and enjoyed every minute of it. My grades continue to improve, and I am continuing to become a better person each and every day.
There's math league, different band organizations, study groups, etc. Those are just some of the groups that are around to help better the students at our school.
On the final day of my senior year, are school went beyond expectations and they did a parade-type thing where all the seniors go down the halls of the elementary, through the middle school, and finishing in the high school to show the transition that we have went through. This experience was amazing to me and will never be forgotten. Things like this happen on a regular basis and the effort these teachers and people do for us students is just amazing and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
Throughout all my 13 years of schooling, I have never felt hurt, victimized, or uncomfortable around my teachers. They are all great in their own individualistic way, even though some show it more than others. I really enjoyed the time spent at this school and I will miss them all dearly, I truly will.
Luverne is one of better schools in the area.
Weight room is very small and next to cafeteria, which is a weird place to be.
Some clubs like speech and debate were very small. Sports were most popular.
More drinking than anything. Some drug use.
The community is very supportive of the football team, but not so much of arts.
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Some college classes did not prepare me for college and I wish there had been more classes about personal finances and real life problems and getting insurance and stuff.
Lot of white. People make jokes about the few black people ganging up together and attacking someone.
Help with finding a college could use a senior lounge
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