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I love how nice the teachers are, however it would be really nice if the bullying problem is solved. It would also be nice if the band members get more acknowledgment.
Luverne High School is equipped with an excellent facility. They have very few clubs though. There just isn’t a lot to participate in.
My experience at Luverne High School has been the time of my life, I’m in the band and I love it. The school has provided me with so many opportunities to be myself and express who I am.
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Luverne is a very good school, they are very proactive on making sure we are in a safe environment where we can learn and blossom.
I have rather enjoyed the last three years at Luverne High School. I have great friends and live in a great community. The high school has good potential, but I have to rate it as average. I love my teachers and I think the new administration is doing a great job so far. However, our school has extremely lacked in academic clubs and programs like, foreign language clubs, creative writing classes, journalism, and AP or honors courses. The college preparatory, or advanced, classes have also lacked in challenging curriculum.
Hello, I am a student at Luverne High School. Luverne High School is the best school in Crenshaw County, Alabama. We have an amazing faculty and our students strive for the best in academics, clubs, and sports. We are known for our determination to achieve our goals. Students are respectful, disciplined, and grateful for our school. The teachers do their absolute best to help us prepare for college. Every student is in almost every club or sport that we have. This year, our band has gotten a superior rating at all of the band competitions. Two years ago, a girl from the track team won in our state. Now, she is trying to win this year. This is and still is my experience at Luverne High School.
The thing I like mostly about Luverne School is the family atmosphere. The staff works together as one body to ensure that all students receives a quality education. The students are have mentors which they meet monthly discuss issues of concern, goal setting, etc.
I liked the small town, family-feel, that I got at school. Everyone knew everyone. You never met a stranger and all the students helped each other. The teachers were like our second parents and every student had at least one teacher that they could go to with any problem they were having. We had the best guidance counselors in the world. I am so thankful for my counselors. I loved my school family. I do wish we would’ve learned more things that would be helpful in life. Such as cooking, doing taxes, simple handyman things.
At Luverne High, I love how the teachers interact with the students. They're always there if you're ever in need.
At Luverne High I like how everybody knows everybody and how well we get along and then there is the favoritism it is a small town so I mean what should we expect but if you are a teachers child or a popular last name then it is you before everyone else
Luverne High School in Luverne, Alabama is incredibly too focused on athletics rather than focusing on academics. They let students (who are not working) out on work leave halfway through the school day and they allow for athletics to practice and pull students out of their core classes. Luverne High School offers ACT prep which take the place of study hall but it is rare that students take advantage of this privilege. Our school system's average ACT score is a 15.
Luverne High School has been a great experience for me. The only thing I would like to change will be the fact of people getting bullied. But Luverne High School does have a anti bullying program which me and my friends would like to join and do one year. The teachers are always there to help no matter the need. If you ever need to talk ask the teacher to allow you to step out.
I love the small community and "family" atmosphere. I would love to see more funds available to improve technology at Luverne!
luverne high school is a very safe school I have never been bullied or harmed in any way.
we have hosa, basic, key club, sga, fbla,ag, band, mu alpha deta, Spanish honor society, national honor society.
I love Luverne High School! We have an awesome heath class and its let me learn a lot about the healthcare field. This is a small school and it makes you close to your peers and teachers.
Most of the teachers really care and want you to succeed. They are very helpful with our future also they help us with act prep,and picking colleges.
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I think it's fine. We had an anti bullying assembly one day. This boy who was being bullied put it on. I preformed a monologue in it. It was really fun and serious at the same time. He shared his billing experiences because it got so bad he had to leave school. It was quite beautiful, actually and I think people learned a lot from it.
There isn't much besides sports. It's all about sports, if you don't play sports, you really don't matter. We have a show choir and my director takes us to acting competitions and then there's an arts class and HOSA but not much else. It's all about sports.
My principal let me record me audition tape for my acting school in the gym using his camera and he's let me preform a couple monologues for the school. I love acting and it's really great being able to to display my talents for everyone to see. It's not a bad school, I don't agree with everything they do but overall, they're good people and mean well.
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