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Lutie is a small school with few students that are close knit and sheltered from some of life's harsh realities. While some of the students are outstanding and very intelligent, many are not. But this isn't entirely the students fault, some teachers just aren't good at their jobs. The lack of quality teachers in some fields isn't all that this school lacks, common sense seems to run short here. With ridiculous rules many students are unhappy. This school needs more sensible rules and some better teachers in certain fields or students will remain unhappy and unprepared for college.
There aren't many clubs. There are Student Council, FBLA, and FFA. Each club is run equally by the students and teacher in charge. They have done many things that have helped our school and community.
Like I've said before, this year is far better than the years before.
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The teachers this year are working harder to make students learn and they do. They make it interesting and they don't stay on one topic for one semester like the year previous. Hopefully the current teachers won't leave for a while.
They always make sure a student is safe. If there is something wrong they will stop everything to stop the safety issue.
The teachers don't give up on the students.
We're a small school, but we're a family. That's really all that matters. No other school can compare to the great experiences and connection you receive when going to a small school. It's something that you wish for, even if you don't realize that you're wishing for it. You find friends easier, your teachers can work more closely with you, and everyone knows everyone. Sometimes it's a bad thing, but mainly it's good.
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