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I liked it because I was challenged in my courses.
Something that could be changed is the dress code.
Reading the niche analysis of LSA is laughable. A B+ in diversity? I have one African American student in my graduation class. If that classifies as diverse, then I would ask niche to reconsider their ratings. As far as teachers go, beginning high school at Lutheran South there was a mix of both good and bad teachers. However, over the past two years we have had a multitude of good teachers leave for better opportunities, and I’ll allow you to fill in the blank as to why. The one plus of this school that I’ll point out is the principal. Given the state of the school, he does a good job using the resources he has. Drawing from personal experience, I came to LSA from a public school, and truthfully I struggle to know if that was the right decision. What I am certain of is that if I could do it over, I would commute to a better private school in the Houston area. LSA’s student body consists of those that don’t have the luxury of attending the better Houston private schools. (1/2)
The thing i like most about Lutheran South would be first and foremost how they challenge you academically. The teachers really care about the students and are really engaged and want the students to do their best. Lutheran South even has time where you can work on some of your home work or get help from another teacher. This comes real helpful to those who are student athletes. The counselors as well help you prepare to be college ready from the moment you enter during your freshman year. Lutheran South is great school for you to be challenged academically if there was one thing i had to change it would be the clubs and activities. There are a few of clubs and activities but definitely think there could be a more variety of choices.
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Lutheran South Academy is a great school with amazing academic opportunities. My teachers will give me their undivided attention if I need help in their class, they all know me by name and the most efficient way for me to learn. I love the small environment because I get to know each and every one of my classmates and peers. Students are also closer and we work better being able to know everyone at least by name.
I have been attending school at Lutheran South Academy since the 8th grade and am now a senior. They have an amazing athletic program and have great teachers that have helped me prepare for college. The teachers care about your education and have always offered to help with anything college related or school in general. All students get the opportunity to be involved in clubs or other activities. My experience with Lutheran South Academy has been great and has prepared me for college with extra help towards applying and focusing on getting me where I need to be in order to attend college next year.
The academics are a bit slow for being a college preparatory school. The community is not very friendly or brought together often. Sports events are not popular, except soccer and baseball.
My son has been attending LSA since PreK3. He has loved ever year so far. He continues to learn by leaps and bounds. The teachers so far have been amazing. I've heard great things about the middle and high school. He comes home each day with more knowledge about the Bible.
I cannot express how much of a community/family this school has created within its walls. Everyone supports each other through friendship and faith. This creates a wonderfully positive environment for education to take place. In addition, the programs within the school are incredibly advanced and diverse. This creates a great environment for students to get ready for college and the real world! Having a great education system would be wonderful in and of itself, but LSA has created an education system, a community, and a family environment for students to flourish in.
Great place to learn about Jesus, put your faith into action, and prepare yourself for college and future career. Small, but not too small. Definitely a family atmosphere.
I like the fact that a lot of education happens after 3:00 PM. I believe that the High School students can get an excellent education during the regular class day, but a very high percentage of the student body participates in extracurricular activities (athletics, drama, clubs ....) where many life lessons are learned and many life skills are developed.
I have 2 children here at LSA, both in lower school. My son was struggling this year and had to be taken off his ADHD medicine and the school has been nothing but supportive during his transition and letting him do things like stand while he works, etc. They have always accommodated for his needs.
Healthy environment, Christ centered atmosphere. Caring faculty and staff to help students reach their educational potential and prepare them for college and life.
The school is amazing and offers amazing activities during and after school. I have both a lower school and middle school child who attend LSA. I have one child who came to LSA as with very timid and quiet personality, that has since changed. He felt loved by his teachers and quickly became willing to take more risks socially. He now is a leader in his grade level and in his outside of school activities. I also have one child who has a carefree and loving spirit. She is able to use this personality to help others in serving her community at school and in the Houston area. Awesome atmosphere for my children to grow and use their gifts!
LSA provided a very loving, safe, and educational environment for my daughter. She attended LSA in PreK 3 and PreK4. She absolutely loved all of her teachers and was ready and excited to go to school everyday. She was so prepared academically that when a once in a lifetime opportunity came up which she had to be tested for, she was one among many of her peers who were tested to be selected in this elite group of individuals. I feel LSA went above and beyond for my daughter's education and confidence.
Lutheran South has been great for my family. My daughters love their teachers and have been making leaps and bounds in their learning. They feel at home here.
Lutheran South Academy has provided an excellent education for my students for the past 13 years! The staff is friendly, welcoming, and experts at what they do. My children feel safe, are happy, and have been quite successful in their academic and extra-curricular careers.
Lutheran South Academy is a good school. Most of the teaches are nice and the culture is beneficial to students. The cafeteria food is overpriced and not very good. The courses are not that rigorous, and I did not have trouble keeping high grades in my classes. There should be more focus on understanding concepts and not busy work. I well prepared well enough to do good on my AP tests but I doubt I retained a lot of information.
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I loved my experience at Lutheran South Academy. There were a wide variety of classes offered, include AP classes which were interesting and really great for college prep. The teachers obviously cared about their students and would go out of the way to help if there were personal issues or other matters preventing a student from doing well in a class. Overall, you feel safe and like you are really learning something at LSA.
Would not return one child there because of bullying and questionable ethics of so called 'Christian" ethics employed by teachers and staff there. There are a few good teachers, but some fraternize with their students and former students, even living with former student. Not acceptable or professional, especially for a Christian school that claims to hold themselves to a higher standard.
This was my second high school and it was a refreshing change. Everyone there has your best interest at heart. It’s too bad more people don’t know about it.