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Lutheran School Association of Decatur Reviews

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The small class size leads to a better connection with both the teacher and the content they share. I made many friends and would not want to go to any other school!
My brother and I both were harassed and bullied and teachers did nothing to help the situation. I felt alienated because of my sexuality and when I moved to a public school after seven years of attending lsa I was far below average when I was at the top of the class at lsa their curriculum has not been updated since my dad went there and any program outside of boys sports is a joke
I went there K-12 and overall it was a good experience with issues here and there. It could have been better and more preparing for college but it did prepare me nonetheless
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This is a good school. I went there for my 9-12 grade education and couldn't ask for anything better. It is small but there is a solid community that makes it a good place to be. I would recommend to any parent looking for something different for their child
I liked a lot of the people but the teachers had quite a few problems teaching and we never seem to have the same ones two years in a row. I didn’t feel safe as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community . Overall there is a culture in the school where it seems like you compete for a top spot that does not exist . The lunches served are decent , pretty good . Sports , well , if your parents have connections, you’ll be played . If not , good luck to you . This seems to be the overall condition of decent treatment there .
This school is extremely bigoted, does not give anywhere close to a good education, I was an A+ student and then I moved schools to a public school and i was so behind, i moved schools because i was relentlessly bullied for being gay I don't really care though they'll probably close soon because the tuition has been going up, the enrollment has been going down, and their quality of education is god awful, their test scores oof.
I went to the LSA from K-12. Every aspect of my academic life has revolves around this school. The staff was always very nice. The teachers actually wanted to help and be friends with the students. All the athletics were fun and successful. Overall, even though School is never fun, the LSA made it their goal to make the students have fun, teach students more advanced classes and skills than the public school system, and to show us our Lord Jesus Christ. I very much enjoyed my 13 years at the LSA and I will miss it dearly.
I like how the teachers take time to help you with whatever you need. Also how since it is such a small school there really is no bullying and everyone is like a family. I would like our school to upgrade a lot of the appliances. Another thing LSA can work on is a budget and help organize more fundraisers to help with trips and uniforms because most of the time we have to pay out of our own pocket.
Great school! Transferred there my sophomore year and they made sure I was prepared for my college years ahead of me.
Overall the experience at LSA has been ok-not exactly how I'd hoped and thought it would be. Academically, the school is great. Athletically, the school needs a complete makeover!
I have enjoyed my years at LSA. The classes are small allowing more individual attention from the teachers. The teachers are willing to work with students as needed.
The Lutheran School Association in Decatur has a very family feel to it. I have only attended there for four years now but I feel like I am part of a family. Whenever something happens to another student or faculty member everyone knows about it and wants to help.
A lot of the opportunities are just sports. There are very few extracurricular opportunities that aren't sports. I think it would be great to see more diverse opportunities.
I really like the teachers, but the math and science programs need a little work. The atmosphere at the school is comfortable and safe. This school is also more athletically inclined than academically which was the main reason I was enrolled. I really think the school would do so much better if they tried to further improve the academics.
I only have two teachers this year but I think they both do a great job helping everyone succeed, they're overall good people, they genuinely care about their students and do their job, and if someone doesn't understand something, they try to explain it better or differently.
Sports are a very big deal at LSA
The financial aid process is quick and simple.
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