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Lutheran North Middle & High School Reviews

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It was interesting overall. I think the teachers are helpful and the sources are good for education.
It’s a religious school so just be prepared for lots of religious propaganda but outside of the religion department and the school heads, all the teachers are really good and the classes are small
I think compared to other schools, North transferred to online classes easily and helps their students the most. However, most the time I think the school puts a lot of fame on their athletes and doesn't care how they do in school and thus not putting as much money and effort into giving us better things for learning. While we get better field and uniforms and so on for sports we aren't getting some things we need for classes or to have better classes.
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I come from a public school so the only downfall for me was that it wasn’t as fun as my old public school. You’ll have fun there but if you’re coming from public to there. It’s not comparable. Sports and academics are great. If you don’t get on the teachers’ bad sides then you will
be alright and actually like them.
Lutheran North is a great learning community. The teachers treat you like family and always have your back. The student body is small, but provides so many opportunities to create lifelong friends.
I started high school in public schools for grades 9-10 and transferred to Lutheran North my Junior year and will be graduating from here. When I transferred, I was struggling because the curriculum was harder, but I like the fact that the teachers are always there for extra help when I needed it. They always make sure you are on the right path to success.
The teachers are somewhat positive and are really eager to help their students. The students are very friendly and the sports are very fun to watch and enjoy. The school could use some better janitors but the education and athletics are top parr.
Lutheran High School North is the best North County choice for high school. The strong academics prepares students to be accepted to top notch universities and to be successful in those universities. The fabulous sports, theater, clubs and community service opportunities assist in developing caring servant leaders. And most importantly, they come together daily to worship and support each other in christian love. The diverse community at Lutheran High School North is a definite plus! Lutheran North has shined for over 50 years - and will continue to shine!
I liked how the teachers genuinely care about the students' education and that they're willing to help students. There were some rules there that were a little absurd. The tuition and food was too expensive. I dislike how one had to pay a la carte. The upkeep of the school wasn't the greatest, but decent.
I'm a senior here at lutheran north. Overall everything is fine. Needs to work on bullying! The food is amazing. The faculty social skills seems pretty out of whack. The school has a clean campus. The diversity levels are decent. The environment is safe. The work is hard but enjoyable. I think this a good investment. This school on a scale would be a 8.5.
I like that you get the wonderful education that you pay for. What I would like to see improved is the students that they let attend. I don’t think students who don’t show a promise to education should be admitted.
I just graduated from this school, and was fairly impressed at the difficulty of the courses, especially in senior year, as the teachers actually cared about the future of each student, demanding that students finish strong.
Our oldest has graduated from Lutheran North and we have 2 other children currently enrolled. It is a GREAT school - the teachers and administration truly care about the students and the curriculum prepares the students for higher learning. Each of our children were/are encouraged to be their own person and challenged to reach their full potential.
What I like about Lutheran North is the iPads for school, small school so it was easy to get to know EVERYBODY, and the class wasn't crowed and easy to receive help.
I think Lutheran North provided great and excellent forms of teaching,
The teachers there were always available for help after school and gave a good atmosphere to all the students. Along with being a private school it provided a great way of exploring religion as a whole and opened up the opportunity for God’s word to be heard through devotion on announcements in the morning along with daily chapel as well.
Pretty Good! I like most of the teachers and feel Like I'm prepared for college and ready to take on life.
Lutheran North was the best chance I’ve all year. I transferred from a public school and I can say that there was a difference academically and socially. On my first day, students and teachers made me feel welcomed by being kind and helpful with anything I needed. Teachers care about me academically and personally by providing college res courses to get me into the school I want. Although I have not been there since freshman year , I feel like I belong there.
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I love it at Lutheran North! It's a small school but because of that it makes it easier to get involved in extra circulars.
I had a great time at Lutheran North! The teachers really care and allow students to grow. The administration is where most of the problems are. They are very conservative.
Lutheran north is a small school which gives teachers a better opportunity to connect individually with each student. Overall the school is very tight knitted all together and a family made of hundreds of other families, something to be proud of.