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The experience was good. The other students were all more or less friendly, there were never any examples of bullying or fights going on. Most of the teachers were approachable and helpful, however the religious aspect was very half-baked. All of them seemed to be blindly following what they were taught as a kid, none willing to look any deeper. This wouldn't really be that big of a problem except for religion classes and chapels. Those were terrible, whether you are religious or not. However, in the end, all of the speakers mean well. I just fear they pushed more kids away from the faith than were brought in.
My time at Lutheran High School Westland was unlike any other. I was never a kid that would easily fit in with other, but the students here are very accepting and welcome others with open arms. I am a senior this year so i have seen and done everything. The key to making your time amazing at LHWL is to become involved in a sport or club to get to know others and create close relationships. I would not have gone anywhere else but here to get my education and start a new chapter of my life!
Lutheran High Westland is an awesome High School. The school teaches it’s students how to live a Christian life. Lutheran High also prepares us for college and the “real world”. Lutheran High offers an industrial arts class where I have learned how to replace drywall, work on cars, tile a bathroom and make a wooden table. There is also a personal finance class where it is taught how to balance a checkbook and learn finance by Dave Ramsey. Our teachers are caring and wonderful. All in all, Lutheran High Westland is great learning institution!!!!
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Excellent school with faculty and staff that exemplify excellence and prepares students for their future
I enjoyed meeting new friends. Also, you can talk to your teachers, one on one, because the class sizes are limited. I enjoy watching the sports games and drama performances. I would like to change the courses offered though. There isn't a variety to choose from. I would like to see things, such as cooking class or more support for the art and music program.
Lutheran High is a friendly and open environment, regardless of religion. On the other hand, this is a good school to grow your faith without having it forced upon you. Teachers are friendly and genuinely care about your education. However, because of the small size of the school (less than 200) it’s difficult to offer a wide variety of classes.
My children are receiving a superior education in a Christian atmosphere. They have opportunities to participate in multiple sports and activities and teachers who truly care about their students.
The caring teachers, high quality academics, and the opportunities to participate in a variety of activities make this school an amazing place.
I absolutely loved attending this school. It brought me closer to God, and helped me make my lifelong friends. The teachers are excellent and ACTUALLY care about our futures. Since I’m graduating soon, I can look back and truly say Lutheran High Westland was one of the biggest/ best impacts on my life.
There is a great opportunity for one on one with the teachers which is good when it comes to the challenging academics. Overall, everyone is really nice and there is time set aside to discuss our faith. The facility itself, isn't all that bad and continues to be upgraded over the years. Other than that, there isn't much of a range of extra curricular classes or after school activities, but everyone's voice is heard, so that could change one of these days.
The Christian community I am surrounded by everyday brings me happiness. My teachers and friends are always encouraging me that I can do all things through God. I have learned a lot of life lessons at Lutheran High, but the teachers and coaches were always being changed or rehired. My school has great sports opportunities as well.
If you're trying to decide between a Catholic school and this school, go Catholic. So many better options for private religious schools. LHWL isn't 'awful' per-say, but because the lack of so many benefits that other schools offer it comes in last. The school mostly consists of students raised Lutheran, and their isn't much space for anyone else.
I enjoyed the close relationship that I had with my teachers and coaches. They really cared about me and my success both in class and in athletics.
Lutheran High School Westland will give you an excellent education overall with its teachers who care deeply about their students. The education truly makes up for the lack of diversity - though, for a small school, it is certainly not as bad as it could be - and lack of sports. However, there is the ability to participate in multiple activities in school due to the small size (both drama and sports, or even sports on top of student council, choir, band, etc.) All of the students are very close and every event, though small, often has a lot of students there as well.
My experience at Lutheran Westland wasn't the greatest. I've grown up going to a private school since kindergarten so I haven't been able to venture out a lot and get to experience things and have a good time at sporting events. The schools I have grown up in are very sheltered and all about equality, which to an extent is good but there is also the reality of things once you leave a small school that you should take in and at least have experience in. The teachers are for the most part, caring and will try to help you understand things that you are struggling with. Yet the problem is that the teachers here are not that good, and need to learn the material they are teaching better and understand that they are teaching it to students who have no idea about the material. I think that teachers are so use to the items they are teaching and they are so repetitive that they forget we have no idea any of the material before hand.
The school is very faith-based and overall, I feel it helped me in staying on track with my beliefs, establishing my own personal values, and figuring out who I identify as a person is.
The teachers at Lutheran High Westland are very helpful and care about their work. Most are fun to work with, have a kind heart, and generous spirit. The teaching styles prove to be very efficient. It seems they are able to connect with students well and get overall excellent results for assignments out of students. In return, grading is consistent and matches well with the work presented at deadlines.
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Sports are not the best at the school but it is very rewarding. However, some sports get much more publicity than others, and its mostly due to the Athletic Director.
I think most of the things at this school are overall decent. However, the sports are very biased here and our student body is very diverse which presents its problems.
Most of the teachers at this school are very nice people and are very knowledgeable of their majors. However, only a select few are very engaging with the students, which has its pros and cons.