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I have had a pleasant experience so far, though, I do think a lot of it could be much improved. Whether it be staff, or extracurriculars.
Lutheran West is a Christian-friendly environment with an amazing community. The sports teams and extra-curricular activities are great ways to get involved. Everyone has a place and is treated with respect. The teachers are all wonderful and experts in their crafts.
Lutheran West provides students with a Christ-based education. It is a safe and secure place to attend, especially because by the end of your first year, you know most students and teachers by name. Having chapel twice a week was also one of the highlights from attending there. However, I wish they offered a more diverse selection of classes and more CCP courses. Overall, prepared me very well for secondary education.
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Lutheran West was a safe place to get a high school education. The size of the school made it possible to make connections with teachers and there were a lot of things to be involved in. The student body is very supportive of the sports team, even though none of them have been historically very good. Although the education was excellent, I do not feel prepared for college in the sense of scholarship applications. Overall, I would recommend Lutheran West as a good place to get an education and have a fun high school experience.
As a private, Lutheran school the environment was very safe and like a little bubble of people I knew. The science department could not hang on to a teach though, I had six different teachers iver the course of the four science classes I took. This somewhat affected my to-be major in college. I really loved chapel twice a week and the people who sang/played instruments during chapel. I would change the study hall room back to the Commons, because since they moved study hall to the choir room I can’t get any work done with the amount of people crowded into that one room. The staff are friendly, other than my one religion teacher ironically everyone dislikes her. Overall the positives out way the negative and I wouldn’t oppose my kid going here later in life.
The experience at Lutheran west has been an extreme blessing to me and my family. The staff has a genuine caring nature and wishes success to everyone that walks through the door.
I liked a lot about Lutheran West. It was a good, Christian high school experience with a tough curriculum to prepare me for college.
I have very much enjoyed my high school experience at Lutheran West. No school is perfect, including mine. However, I believe high school is what you make of it. So regardless of my ratings, there's much more to it than that. I have been given lot of opportunities here at Lutheran West and have grown a lot academically, spiritually, and personally. Overall, the school is physically mediocre, but my time here and everything I've experienced has been very rewarding.
I believe that all the staff is very well informed and many have a great tenure at the school. A very loving environment and if you ever need anything you can speak to an adult and get the help that you need. My only wish is that the school were larger but I can't blame the institution based on capacity restraints.
Faith based community with strong role models to look up to. The teachers here genuinely want you to succeed and will do whatever it takes to help you do that. whether it be staying late after school, coming in early before school, or working with you outside of class. Teachers and faculty are always happy to see students at the football games, fundraisers, and what ever else you may be doing. The faculty works together to give you the best education and overall best high school experience that they can!
I put three boys through Lutheran West and we all had such an amazing experience. We had a family trade by hit us and the Lutheran Eest Community was amazing to support all of us and help us all heal. All three of my boys came out of Lutheran Eest very prepared for college life and life after college.
It was a great Christian Learning environment. They truly do teach Christ-centered learning. I believe that this school shaped me into a Christian man who is ready to contribute to society.
My experience at Lutheran West was absolutely amazing. I spent a lot of time finding new extra curricular activities to fill my time. This ranged from intramural volleyball to band to Bible study. If something started to get overwhelming I knew there was alway someone to go to for help. It could be a teacher or a guidance counselor or a coach but there was always someone. I would say my biggest complaint of Lutheran West would be that the dress code required that hoodies had the school logo on them and those were expensive so it made it harder on lower income families to have hoodies to wear. Overall, this school is a great Christian environment and I am very thankful to have attended all four years of high school there.
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All these years later, I appreciate what Lutheran West provided for me. The teachers were involved in my success as a student and as a person. The character developed in me today is also due to the dedication of my coaches. I am still involved in the Lutheran West community through lifelong friendships. God willing, my children will experience all Lutheran West has to offer when the time comes for them.
Lutheran West is a great school. It challenges you academically and provides great resources and opportunities to students in order to help them succeed. There is an ever-growing number of clubs and activities to participate in at the school. T
I was an above average student. I was in all the Honors classes, but definitely not the top student. Then when I went to college, I was setting the curves in most of my classes. They definitely taught me how to think critically, and Mr. Fenske’s Honors English, where we studied philosophy and comparative religion and debate is definitely one of the most useful classes I ever had. Also, the Christian atmosphere really fosters spiritual growth.
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I transferred in my junior year and i have never felt more welcomed by a group of students and teachers.
Lutheran High School West is an excellent school. It was a great choice. It helped prepare me for college and beyond. Great, supportive teachers and a community feel.
There are no words to describe how grateful I am to the administration and staff of Lutheran West for providing me with a loving, caring, Christ-centered education. I am thankful to God for placing such an amazing school in Rocky River to help students reach their full potential. Lutheran West has prepared me for college and for heaven by teaching and challenging me, helping me grow as a Christian. Thanks to Lutheran West, I am confident in my faith and education. I believe I am ready academically and spiritually for my college career and beyond.
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