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I think we need more counselors and better administration. There is a lot of politics that go into this school. People get treated differently.
The way the school runs should go more smoothly. They try to protect us from outside things. It is very Lutheran and the goal is to grow the students to be strong people.
It's good and very enjoyable. Most of the students are nice and kind. Their are some bad students and teachers but almost all of them are good . The food is pretty good and the options are pretty large for a school of this size. Their are also lots of extracurricular activities. The teachers have good expectations but are not to harsh overall.
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I really enjoyed my time at LuHi! Great teachers and staff!! There are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved, regardless of their interests. The classes are challenging and prepared me for success in college.
Lutheran High School is a smaller school, which means that all of the students know each other and all of the teachers know their students. The teachers are always willing to help their students with homework or guide them through some life decisions.

My only major complaint is that some of the things in the school need to be updated.
I enjoyed the qualilty of my education but I disliked the social aspect of the school due to the divisions among the student body.
My experience at Lutheran High School is one I will cherish forever. I believe that it has greatly prepared me for college and I will utilize my knowledge that I have obtained here to further my studies in college and my future career.
I have had a chance to be a part of many different groups and activities while at Lutheran High. My teachers have been very supportive and are easy to go to for help or advice.
The teachers were nice but moved at a pace too quick for me and I didn't feel like I got the help I needed when I asked. Besides academics, I enjoyed all of the clubs I was able to join. It was an okay school, but I'm glad I ended up having to transfer.
I liked being involved in the sports teams. More dual credit classes. There should be better maintenance with the outdoor sports equipment.
The teachers here are very personable and truly care about you. They will do everything possible to help you get to where you need to be-- a huge perk to going to a small school.

The student body itself is very full of drama, because everyone know s everyone, but you would probably get drama no matter what high school you go to.

Overall, Lutheran High's academics make up for all of the downsides. I feel extremely prepared for college. In fact, most of my college courses pale in comparison to the courses I took at LuHi.
Lutheran is welcoming of new students. Unfortunately, Lutheran is the recipient of students who struggle socially in the public schools and large Catholic High School. A social skills program such as Conscious Discipline that fosters social and emotional growth in its students is very much needed.
Bad: small student body, lunch service, few class options. Good: academic integrity, faculty, individualized teaching, faith building, sports.
A lot of them are very dedicated and helpful for the students. I would like to see them challenge the higher achieving students a little more.
Seems to be healthy and safe. We have not had any issues.
Sports are most of the extracurriculars. There are a few other clubs, plus a play and musical for drama students.
A good private school. The academics are fairly good, but I think that there could be more opportunity for advanced students. The sports are sometimes very competitive, but others are not so much, depending on the sport. Good Christian education.
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Lutheran highschool dismissed my daughter claiming she was "complicated" and they couldn't deal with her migraines. Many teachers refused to grade make up work saying it was "too hard". One teacher even had my daughter removed from her class claiming "she didn't want to deal with it ." Very disappointed school wouldn't give my daughter credits for her completed classes . The school claims to have Christian values but the behavior displayed by the staff was far from it.
The school is so small a teacher who is difficult, intractable or seemingly disrespectful toward students can be very disruptive because a student has to avoid taking those classes or has no choice but to suffer through the experience.

The school has some very conservative board members and teachers who insist evolution can not be taught because of biblical principles. Even the Pope accepts the principles of evolution as fact based science that does not conflict with biblical principles. I am concerned that some students are left ignorant of this and it reflects badly on the school as a whole. They can not compete if science is not properly taught. Ignorance is not acceptable in a college prepratory program.
The teachers really care and want you to succeed!
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