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This is a very caring community. When we had to switch to online schools, the care and concern of the students was made an utmost priority. Although seniors didn't get their typical end-of-year events, the faculty worked hard to make sure they got something good. There's never any bullying, and the teachers do their best to make sure the students are learning.
I have had a pretty good time at Lutheran High School South. Everyone's pretty close with each other. Everyone is friendly there. I would like to see better facilities especially the weight room.
Lutheran South is very good when it comes to education. They get you ready for college and have a rigorous program. But it lacks in certain areas. Diversity is not very good, plain and simple. It is partially because of the location, but also the school caters to private middle schools mostly. The athletics have picked up in the past few years, however. My overall experience wasn't great but it definitely could have been worse.
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My experience was pretty good. I feel that the teachers really care about us and want us to succeed.
Most of the staff have been really helpful throughout my four years here. When I went through some hard times, they supported me and helped me get through it. I also love my classmates, the environment is amazing.
LHSS have Coaches and Teachers who not only care about the education of the students, but also about the well being of the actual students. That speaks a lot about who is teaching us! They support us and give great advice. They want to see you succeed and be happy. I like that a lot.
I would like to see change is the bullying! No discipline to the kids that lie and say they weren’t doing any type of bullying. Not believing the person who is being bullied. Happened all 4 years.
At Lutheran High School South you are guaranteed much more than an excellent education, but you are also promised to be surrounded by people that are kind and care about you. I love my high school because it taught me how to treat my peers and authority figures with respect. It also taught me how to create goals for myself that would help me be successful in my career. One of the key teachings that Lutheran South really reiterated was work ethic. They taught me to work hard in everything I do, even when I think I might fail. Although Lutheran South taught me things I will be never forget, it did have a few flaws. The campus was very outdated, they have an infestation of cockroaches, and there's always that one teacher you don't get along with. But no matter how many roaches or teachers I disliked, it would never be able to take away the amazing experience I've had at this school. I am proud to be called a Lancer!
The community is one of the best things about Lutheran South. You walk down the halls and people know everybody enough to say hi to at least one person every time they walk down the hall. The changes I would like to see are housekeeping things-regulation of temperature during winter, and things like bugs in the girls locker room, very minor things. I also would say that nobody really gets bullied at school, and if anything does happen, people are quick to step in and stop whatever may be happening.
Prepared my daughter for college with college prep classes. Christian based school. Leadership school. Supportive teachers to our kids.
I learned so much about how to be my best self and how to interact positively with others. I was challenged academically, and spiritually. The people there seriously care about you and your goals, and the school spirit is beyond what I could’ve imagined.
With two graduates, one currently enrolled, and two more coming ... we love LHSS. It is a wonderful school in that it provides a strong academic program that is Christ centered and assures an environment where our children have been able to succeed and thrive. LHSS has assured that our kids will not only do great things but they will be great people who love and serve the Lord and their neighbor.
Overall academics over the past 4 years solid. Nothing to complain about. That’s the only reason it is getting 1 star. But the fact that students are dreading coming to this school is horrible. Don’t get me wrong school isn’t supposed to be the most enjoyable of places. But the school has started going down hill getting worse and worse every year. For example, the chrome books have a pre-k software not allowing you to access any websites to even complete homework! The doors all have security cameras and alarms so even if you get finished at 12:00 you have to stay. The teachers treat us like we are all in the 1st grade even after we have been here for four years. Finally the “new no phone zones” phones are completely banned everywhere except the cafeteria. Which is unbelievable. This place is more like a jail than it is a school. The only thing to blame is the new administration. Don’t come here unless you want to feel like your being locked up.
I liked the college preparations that were done. The schedule system mimics a college setting somewhat.
I enjoyed being able to get a Christian education. I would like to see them try to reach out to more students going to a public school.
Lutheran South was a great place to go to high school. It fully prepared me for college so much that my transition was effortless. I made amazing friends and met incredible teachers. The best part of all was being able to share and develop my faith.
This school is very overrated. Though some of the teachers are very nice and relaxed, there are some teachers that treat students like crap if you don’t perform well in their class, even the nice/friendly teachers don’t act like this. It disheartens me to have to see my child come home from school with tears in their eyes and it wasn’t even the kids’ fault but the teacher(s’) fault! Unbelievable.
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The teachers there really care about the students. They want to prepare you for college. There were some administration issues when I was going there a couple years back, but they have new administration now.
I liked the school spirit at South. Recently there has been more activities that evoke school spirit and a better sense of community such as being sorted into “houses” like Harry Potter and participating in various competitions like ping pong to earn your house some points to win prizes. The flex mod schedule is very nice and gives you breaks to do your homework, work on projects, and get help from teachers or tutors; it really helps your time management especially if you play a sport, are in an a club, and go to work. The academics are challenging and a lot of the teachers are helpful. Overall a decent school.
Lutheran High School South is a wonderful school. The students and teachers are very caring and are a close-knit community. The teachers, principal, and administrators truly care about their students and do everything they can to prepare them for college. In recent years, the school has even changed their class times to be more like a college schedule.