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I really liked the way the teacher's methods of education. The teachers themselves had phenomenal personalities, and I liked the way that the school didn't input their own dress code as many other Lutheran schools may. If given the chance I would change the way they are with diversity although it is to b expected from a private Lutheran school. They are NOT acceptable to the LGBTQ community and kick those who are in it out.
The school was a great experience, especially compared to my other options. The staff was very friendly and showed that they actually cared for the students. They know all student s by name and when one does not show up they will wait and ask other students about their whereabouts.
Lutheran High School is a great place for growing academically and in the faith. They have a safe environment and so many clubs or sports to choose from it is hard not to get involved. With a teaching staff that will help with whatever the student may need in the classes to improve academically they will help.
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The school is very safe, although there are not many health measures unless its for athletes in after school hours. That being said, the ladies at the front desk are very caring and have helped me a lot in any medical or other situations. The teachers are also helpful in that area. Our school is so small that if an unfamiliar face is around then everyone automatically knows.
Sports. Sports. Jazz band. And more sports. There is student council and a few other clubs, but unless you're involved with sports then you have free time. It's great for the kids that are involved with sports, but for the non athletic minority it causes some struggles. There is no art club but there are a few artistic students. They could definitely use a few more creative outlets otherwise those students could be viewed as lazy or unintelligent.
The teachers were probably one of the highlights. The students are very passionate about sports, grades, and school spirit, however there are a few minorities that don't get the best treatment (specifically the LGBT+ Community) but the times are changing and I hope some brave students and teachers make a difference. The classes are more challenging than most school which is really helpful in preparing them for college. I appreciate how hard they push students.
I enjoyed most of the teachers there. They almost always have good intentions. I really appreciate the care they give to their students. They can be old fashion, so not a lot of technology or new examples are used, but the younger teachers are incorporating it more. A lot of the teachers have been there for a long time, so if you have a good family legacy, you're automatically golden. The teachers appreciate hard work and respect.
Some people don't like the hot lunch, but it wasn't bad. They usually have a salad bar. So many snacks are available every day.
School tries to get involved and help, but the students make fun of the policies offered.
Sports are not too successful except for a few select years. Many people still go to games and support them though.
Some teachers did not seem educated in their areas and were not always consistent. But some were awesome.
It's a small school so there isn't much of a variety. They didn't even have all the sports normal high schools have, and after school clubs were very limited.
This school was not tough at all, I did't learn anything that would help me in the future. Love some teachers though.
Everything is great about our food and what they provide.
The policies are aimed toward the safety of their students.
There isn't much diverse clubs but the ones that we do have are very popular.
We have many sports to be involved in.
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I think that at Lutheran High School the facilities and resources are great. The condition of the building continues to enhance as the years progress. The guidance counselors that we obtain are very helpful whether it is for college or other personal guidance.
This school has a serious bullying problem and the administration let everything go without punishment or protection for either party involved in the incidents. The dress code is strictly enforced, but there is no sound policy for bullying. It is absolutely absurd and can scar students emotionally for life.
The teachers are helpful in academic circumstances and are very knowledgeable about their area of study.
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