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Amazing and caring teachers. They also have an overall great environment! They do a great job of bringing in religion but not forcing it on the kids. Their sports teams are good and My daughter loves it.
Very fun. The teachers are all nice, and so are (Most) of the students at LuHi! Every staff member at the school loves Christ and is concerned about our safety. Lutheran High welcomes not only Lutheran kids, but kids of any denomination, or ashiest kids who don't believe in God, or kids who have never even heard of God. Of course there are going to be classes you won't like, but the teachers make up for that by making it easy and fun.
At Lutheran High School the main thing that makes it special is the community.
When it comes to teacher-student interaction, this school is one of the best. For example, my mathematics teacher drives the school bus and takes me and my friends to and from school. Due to this, I have been able to form a great relationship with him. Lutheran High School population is smaller in comparison to other high schools, which is great at times because you get to know everybody in your grade. This allows for great school pride at sports, which is why we always have packed student sections for football, volleyball, and basketball. The change I would like to see, is the number of times students are required to go to chapel. As of right now, chapel happens three times a week. Even though this may seem like little, the addition of theology classes every day can cause students to feel forced when it comes to spending time with God.
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Lutheran has been a life changer for me. Overall, the school is committed to excellence. The teachers are incredibly special and genuinely care about the students, and we constantly receive compliments on our outstanding choirs, musical theatre productions, athletics and academics. The culture is phenomenal and richly cultivated in Christian relationships. As a member of student council, NHS, volleyball, basketball, honor choir, and theatre, I can confidently say as a representative I am so proud to be a Lutheran Lion.
Lutheran High School is smaller than the average school. But what it doesn't have in size it makes up for in community. At Lutheran High School, everyone knows everyone. The whole staff knows your name along with everyone else's, even your parent's names. At a lot of public schools, kids with learning disabilities may fall through the cracks with their education. Here at Lutheran High School, the teachers actually care about you, as well as all the coaches. They invest their personal time into you. They pray for you and with you. The parents of the students at Lutheran High School are so heavily involved to pick up the slack and help out with supplies, or volunteering for any sport or activity. It doesn't just feel like high school... it feels like a family.
I absolutely love this school. The teachers genuinely care about you and all the students are extremely friendly. There is a very welcoming atmosphere around the whole place.
I love Lutheran High School because of the teaching staff and the environment. Teachers really want to see their students succeed and extra help is always given when necessary. They encourage students to start being more independent and to start taking their education into their own hands. The value relationships and it is just small enough that you do not need to interact with everyone, but your teachers will always know your name.
Lutheran High School is a place that will change your life. You will be challenged academically, spiritually, and emotionally and you will come out of it a more disciplined person. If you want to become an organized and caring steward of your future, go here. The academics are challenging and you will be surrounded by people who want to be great and make you great.
Lutheran High School is truly a life-changing place. When you walk in, you can tell that this school has a great environment. The teachers and all of the staff are extremely supportive and continually go out of their way to help you because they truly do want you to succeed. They want to prepare you for college as well as get to know you as a person. From standardized test prep to assistance with college applications, Lutheran wants to make sure that the college process is as easy as possible. The faith element within the school is also amazing. Chapels and teachers sharing their personal stories make it obvious that the teachers care about their student’s faith, and want to help them grow and strengthen that. Although it is a smaller school, there are so many activities to get involved in. There are numerous clubs as well as sports that are available to everyone. Lutheran is an amazing school with a truly positive environment and staff who care deeply about the students.
Wonderful teachers who really care, excellent college preparation, and every single person that works on site is incredible. I highly recommend this school for any incoming Freshman or transfer student!
I have been so blessed to go to Lutheran. The teachers and administrators are amazing and are truly there to see you succeed. The life-long friendships I have made, I will cherish forever. I am forever grateful for my peers, teachers and Lutheran for having such a long lasting impact on me. I have grown in my faith and love for Jesus Christ, and that experience I would never have had if I had gone to a public school.
I’m so happy I chose this school! It was the best decision I could have ever made. The people you’re surrounded with generally have similar beliefs and they are so nice, but my favorite part is the teachers. They are so supportive and they are always there to mentor you when you need them.
Excellent, caring staff. Superior education with positive policies that are enforced. As a parent, I am very happy with the school.
I loved the private Christian environment Lutheran provided, as well as teachers who actually care for how their students performed.
LHS has strong fine arts, science, and sports program. Lunches are catered daily. As the school is in Parker, it is difficult to get there, but the school has shuttles to and from the surrounding area and different parts of Denver. LHS has an excellent college counseling program, including testing, helping students find universities, understanding the application process, and supplying college fair resources.
It is an amazing school with some amazing teachers and staff. However, as with most private schools, the dress code is pretty strict. I would like it if the dress code was more open than what it is. Other than that, Lutheran is such an excellent school.
I've had one grandson graduate from LuHi and another is a freshman there now. A third grandson will be a student at LuHi in another year. The academics are solid and the teachers and staff are caring. The school is growing but is able to retain a sense of community. LuHi is a great alternative to a mega high school
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Lutheran High School provides students with a strong academic foundation for life ahead of them. LuHi also provides students with a place to grow their faith in Christ and create a solid foundation before going off to college.
Lutheran High teachers and staff work hard to connect with students beyond an academic level. They foster an atmosphere of creativity and challenge students to grow in learning and to give back. They act like family and gather students in willingly to be part of that family. I’m proud to say my three daughters are graduates of Lutheran High School!
It's a good high school, had some good 2 yrs here. Wished they would put more into electives and have more freedom into credits, otherwise I like it.
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