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Lutheran High School of St. Charles County Reviews

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I feel like it prepares its students really well and the teachers are super nice. They love their job and love their students. I would like to see more opportunities for specializing in areas, because currently LHS just prepares you generally and they do a great job, but it is tough to specialize.
Lutheran High has a very good staff of teachers who are willing to work with their students to help them succeed.
I love how Lutheran high is just a big family. The new additions to our building is amazing and so helpful to learn in. It has so many opportunities to meet new people and try new things and leave your mark one way or another.
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Wonderful experience with college preparedness and support. Small class sizes with more attention to students strengths and weaknesses. Christian oriented helping students to care for their peers, community, and environment. They provide safe environments for student activities, supervised dances, and parties. The students are more sheltered and what they lack in "street smarts" they make up in maturity and responsibility and academics. We are extremely fortunate to have this school in our community!
Lutheran High School of St. Charles County is a great school to chose because the faculty help each student thrive in their learning. They are also a college prep school that will get you ready for college with their 4x4 block schedule.
I have attended LHS for 2 and a half years now and I can confidently say it is a great experience. My teachers really care and want to see their students succeed. Especially Jen Brauer. LHS is big enough to be a school and small enough to be a family. Here at Lutheran High a policy the staff and students hold in high regard is, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react.” The only problem is football receives the vast majority of the sports budget leaving other sports underfunded. The music program also deserves more funding as they have many talented students and teachers.
Great teachers who care about your development as a student, person, and leader. Very Christ-centered environment. Currently undergoing expansion and growing in class size.
Lutheran High School is a wonderful place to learn. The teacher’s are phenomenal in all subjects! They truly care about their students. Also, so many forms of interactive teaching is used in class, making learning fun!
I loved Lutheran High! Go Cougars! I grew my knowledge about school and also about Jesus! I really enjoyed my time there!
Lutheran High is a wonderful place to both prepare your child for their college course work, and further grow their relationship in Christ. Every teacher is a devoted Christian and is there to ensure your child is on the right trafk in their class and in their faith. The sports and clubs are all very much faith centered and teach the student how to better equip themselves and their community.
My experience as a student for four years at Lutheran High School of St. Charles County was absolutely tremendous! Being a well respected college preparatory school, LHS emphasized the importance and necessity of high-quality education. Alongside the push for academic excellence, LHS’ students are well-rounded. In my graduating class (2018), there were around a dozen students who not only graduated summa cum laude, but also achieved much success in athletics and music at the state level, myself being one of them. The teachers at LHS are also among the best, with passion for their subjects and willingness to help all kinds of students. I will always look back with fondness on my high school years and I thank God for the wonderful experience I had at an extraordinary school.
The academics are good at Lutheran high. I've had a good experience with almost every teacher I've had and they all care about you as an individual.
Lutheran High Achool gives a great education. There are some amazing teachers that really get you through the year and there are great programs for students to advance.
Lutheran High School is excellent at prepping students for college. It offers a solid christian education and makes students feel very welcomed. There is very little diversity but the student body is one giant family. Anyone that goes to Lutheran High feels extremely welcomed and comfortable at school. High school is not always fun but Lutheran High makes it bearable.
What I like about Lutheran High of St. Charles County is the 4x4 block scheduling and iPad technology. I think that these two factors provide an advanced type of learning for students. Also, Lutheran High does a fantastic job of preparing students for college.
I love the christian environment at LHS. The teachers love the students and their jobs. The school is accepting to nonlutheran students also.
Lutheran High was a great place to go to school. It was a small school with great education. Sports were not the best in the area but the school was close nit and I have made many life long friends.
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Lutheran High gives its students an excellent and challenging education. The students are challenged by being expected to go above and beyond to succeed. They are taught ways to prepare for college and are expected to perform to a college standard. I think Lutheran High would benefit from ensuring support for students that are not 3.5 or above. Lutheran High performs numerous tasks to advance those at higher levels, but I feel that it leaves the struggling students left behind. I think that some departments need to be better coordinated so that all the teachers in the department are on the same page.
The teachers care a lot about their students and prepare them for college very well. Classes are challenging, and may be too overwhelming for the average student.
Lutheran High School is a very good high school. It has prepared me for college. So far in my freshman year college my classes are definitely easier than those I took in High School. Overall it is a great high school.
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