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Lutheran High School of Indianapolis Reviews

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Overall okay, great sports programs but way under average academics & teachers are some of the most judgemental people i’ve met in my life, and use the Bible to condone it. absolutely love the coaches i’ve had there though, and those are definitely the people who made me want to stay. It is also a great community and a big family
I have been apart of this school for the past three years. I love being a Saint, because this school offers so many new opportunities and programs to be apart of. I have tried a sport that I had never played before, and ended up really enjoying it. At Lutheran, you can try so many new things, because there is a 250 student population where you have room to be apart of many different teams. Lutheran has also increased my faith in God, since it is a religious school. I have become closer to God and have been more faithful since being at this school. Also, our criteria and academics are very important here to where they want to help you be prepared for the college experience. Lutheran provides many ACP and AP classes to get one prepared for a higher education. Lutheran High School provides so many opportunities and they want to help each of their students to be successful.
The academics are super challenging which prepares you for college. Since its a small school, you know pretty much everyone. The teachers all know you and actually care about you.
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I feel that I got a good education here and was prepared for University. The science, math, and spanish were particularly strong. The sports programs were competitive and fun.
Good teachers and classes for the most part. Because of the small school atmosphere, students have the opportunity to create bonds with their teachers as well as other students
It offers lots of opportunities for sports and academics due to it being a small school with 250 kids attending. The Christian atmosphere is nice.
Lutheran High School of Indianapolis is overall the best school. Lutheran has students that come into this school and try because the atmosphere is somewhere a student wants to be. It's a place students want to succeed because the people around want the same thing for them. The staff is phenomenal because they are ultimately there to help their students. They do this because they want to see every one of them reach their full potential. I know with me having dyslexia, my guidance counselor and teachers will provide me with every accommodation I might need. Therefore, Lutheran High School is the best high school any high schooler could ever want.
Most of the teachers are very helpful, understanding, and kind people. However the office staff struggles with this, and everything is always broken. Ceiling tiles fall on students when it rains, hand dryers almost never work, we don’t even have a cafeteria- but we just got a new football field. Money management is poor, and we pay a lot to go there. However, it is absolutely worth it for the classroom experiences.
Great students and staff. Teachers work with students both during and after class. All teachers know their students by name and help them understand what they're teaching.
Great School nice students and caring teachers and staff. The only change is more school spirit and more food delivery.
I love LuHi. It's a close-knit community. The teachers know the names of all the students and are good at what they do. It's a very Christ-centered community.
Lutheran high school is a very good high school. The teachers are always there to help you and want you to ask them questions. Some are there until 5 or so after school if you want to go into the classroom for a little after school help. The sports are good and everyone gets along with their teammates. The leadership is there and so is Christ. Chapel is always good and has a great word every Thursday.
I have loved my time at Lutheran High School. As a senior I have a good idea of the school as whole. The small size creates a supportive and personal environment where teachers can form close relationships with students. Students succeed in college after graduation and the teachers and the community around the school adds to the positive environment. One thing I'd like to see improve is the facilities, something the school has already addressed in part.
I came to this school from a public school. This school opened my eyes of the magical things God can come and do for you. It helps you create amazing friendships and a closer relationship with God. The people here actually care about you and want you to succeed.
They don't allow differentiation of a human being, yet they allow their students to get bullied, harassed, and threatened to absolutely no end. This school truly makes me sick to my stomach. They pick favorites like no other. They aren't letting a former transgender student attend their prom this year because her real name isn't on her ID anymore. She, now a he, was going to go with one of her best friends. Instead, since her name is now a boy's name, she isn't allowed. When she did attend the school, she couldn't take her girlfriend at the time to prom because they were lesbian. But this year, there are 2 students, both female, attending the prom together due to favoritism. How sickening, judgmental, and hypocritical of a faith-based school. This school sickens me and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I can never get the year and a half I spent here back. Good luck to incoming students. You'll need it.
I like Lutheran High School because you can have a personal relationship with all the teachers, they really are working for you. The school is the perfect size, there are enough people to have lots of friends but not too many that you get lost in the crowd.
My son had great teachers all 4 years!
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They do a great job!
great activities for such a small school!
My son had an amazing experience at LHSI!! We couldn't have asked for a better environment to learn in!
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