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Lutheran High School of Greater New Orleans Reviews

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I like that lutheran high is a small school which allows the students and teachers to focus a lot more than a crowded class. The school has a lot of activities through out each month to make it fun.
Lutheran high school is a very small school that has a maximum of 20 kids per class and 100 or less in the entire school. One of the good things about lutheran high school is that since the school is small, the teachers can focus on each individual students and help them if they need to. Another thing is that since the school is so small, you can get to know every teacher and every students from every classes. The not so good part of a small private high school like lutheran is that you won’t get to enjoy things like pep rally. And there is very little extracurricular activities that you can participate in. The school does not offer choices for lunch. It’s best if you bring your own food that is microwavable.
Learned a lot. Good teachers! They really cared. Made good friends. Soccer could be better. Should invest in hiring someone who really knows how to coach.
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In my opinion, high school across the board is as enjoyable and worthwhile as the people who attend them. LHS is a great school if you make it that way for yourself! No school is perfect, and this one is no exception; however, there is a lot of potential in the school itself and the students who attend.
The Principal and And office staff is very messy, always involved in children mess, Education is not a top priority, my child was jumped by 3 students and was expelled during testing, and The Principal basically bragged about it to my face how she put other students out at this time, How is it my child was never suspended but when she get jumped by other students she immediately get expelled. The counselor told my child " we thought you would be able to handle bullying" The Principal talk stupid to teachers in front of parents and students, teachers are scared of her. The Principal won't look me in face whenever we had to talk, Scholarships participants parents Please Do Not Send Your Child to this School! The Worst Mistake I've made regarding My Child Education!! I Hate it!
I loved Lutheran High! The school is small, so you get a lot of attention and help from teachers when needed. The teachers really care about you and your education and even just your overall well being. I am very proud to be an Alum of Lutheran High School.
Lutheran High School is an experience that u won't forget. This school is a private school with almost 150 children, everyone knows each other! We have chapel every Tuesday so everyone can get a chance to hear about God. We have several days of fun and and activities throughout the school year. The great part about being at this private school is the fact that the teachers actually apcare and are wiling to listen to you and your concerns. Things that would make this school better are more sports, buying a bigger school serve more than one thing for lunch everyday, and also changing some of the dress code rules.
There aren't many after school clubs. Clubs are during the school day once a month, and you are required to attend one.
This school is small. It's great. They really try to make it fun and engaging and educational. The teachers are the best. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
I've never had teachers that cared for me as much as the teachers at Lutheran.
Students are not very independent and tend to be too overprotected.
The school is three trailers connected together.

Computer lab is average.

Bathrooms are not the best..
Almost every teacher, teaches more than one subject and different subjects.
Not very organized, tend to lose things, somewhat encouraging. If you show up 30 minutes, the office will call your parents and ask where you are. They don't allow kids to get checked out early unless they have a valid reason such as doctor's appointment, and they ask for doctor's note.
Since the school is so small, there is barely any teams.
There is no cafeteria , it is just a room with tables and chairs. There is however, vending machines that are filled with unhealthy snacks and soft drinks. There's trail mix,Fiber One, Belvita and diet drinks.
There may not be much diversity in the courses they offer but the ones they do offer are great
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Because of the amount out of student there are abundant after school and during school activities for students. All students are encouraged to join and there are always spots available for students
The resources are fine considering the amount of students that attend the school
It's like a family here and if I had the ability to do it all over again I would still choose this school.
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