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Lutheran High School Northwest Reviews

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Lutheran High School Northwest is a great environment. The teachers there are caring, loving, and they treat you as their own. They have received a great education and give their students the same. They prepare you for college. They start at the beginning of freshman year. The guidance counselor meets with every student at least once during the year. You can request to speak and she will always be glad to talk. With this being a smaller school, everybody knows everybody. So there are no strangers in the hall and always someone to talk to. The faculty gives the seniors and juniors an opportunity to become mentors for freshman and sophomore. You're mentor is there to talk and give advice to you. It is very helpful especially for the incoming freshman. They give you there phone numbers so you can go to the with questions about the dress code, what supplies you need, maybe even some questions on homework. Overall Lutheran High School Northwest is a great environment and a caring place.
Northwest is a great highschool to further your christian education. The whole school becomes a family, and the teachers are so nice to communicate with if you are having a problem.
I loved how everyone felt like family! Every single teacher cares about you and wants you to do your best. I am always at ease knowing that if I am struggling, my teachers are willing to help because they care. It is also amazing how we get to learn about the word of God every day in a safe environment! Lutheran high school northwest also has very good sports teams and music programs that every student is able to thrive at. It is an all around great school!
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I’m grateful for the staff that practiced Christ-like values and were genuinely helpful, respectful, and cared for us. However, the ones that didn’t made my experience here rough. Learning here is easy if the teaching style is suitable to your learning style, but if it isn’t there are very little options outside of student-tutoring.
I felt extremely prepared going into college minus knowing how to properly write papers. The work ethic they expect out of their students prepares them well for college.
It's a lovely school where everyone greets you with open arms. The school has great teaching programs that really push students in their education. The teachers are great at their jobs and always open to help or just have a conversation.
Great smaller high school, but not too small! Excellent sports program and drama program. Christian emphasis in all areas of the school.
Being a small school less than 300 students, it's very easy to branch out and meet a lot of people. The teachers care greatly about their students and offer challenging yet interesting classes that teach students to be critical thinkers.
Lutheran High School Northwest did a terrible job and they practically just taught us how to memorize the answers and how to put them on a sheet. Not actually remember the material and be able to apply it to real life.
I had a fantastic experience at Northwest! The teachers have high expectations for their students, go out of their way to help them succeed, and are very approachable. The A.P. classes offered are great- the teachers prepare students very well for the A.P. Exams, which helped many of us receive college credit. One of the things I appreciated most was the family atmosphere. I was a transfer student, and everyone was genuinely kind and went out of their way to make me feel accepted and included. The administration staff is awesome-they relate well to and are respected by the students. The music program is phenomenal, especially the concert and chamber choirs. I’m so thankful I received a Christ-centered education that equipped me well for college.
This is a wonderful Christian school with caring teachers and involved parents. All four of my children have attended here and liked the school. The academics are excellent and my children were very well prepared for college.
It’s an amazing experience and I love all the people that go there including the teachers. They do a great job at preparing us for college
The school is very welcoming the teachers, the students and principal and his staff. It was my first year and I am a junior so far I found the school and everyone in it to be helpful, kind and friendly. I have enjoyed it. I wish I came here in my freshman year. It’s a smaller setting for a high school but I have been to public with about 2,000 students and I wish came here first.
I have loved Lutheran High School Northwest. I was able to create a relationship with my teachers and get one on one help on assignments and anything I had questions on. You could tell that the teachers really cared about the students success. They wanted to know us on a personal level, yet not in a weird way. I loved the sporting events too. Sports are important to me and I had the opportunity to play sports that I had never played before because it is a smaller school. Even though it's small the atmosphere at sporting events is not boring. There is a student section at football games, volleyball games, basketball games and more. I even had friends come and support me at golf states. We are truly a family. We all care about each other and want each other to succeed. The only thing I would change would the lunch program. The hot lunch is not made at our school and in my opinion is a poor quality. Overall, I have loved my time at Northwest.
Very welcoming. I still have close relationships with teachers after graduation. I loved learning in a Christian environment. Northwest will forever have a place in my heart.
Awesome teachers. Small school so you know everyone there. Very friendly and helpful. Welcoming. My experience there was worthwhile. I made great connections with coaches, teachers, friends and parents.
Some of the teachers are pretty cool but most of the classes are sub par. The drama department has gone downhill, but the sports teams are doing well. There aren't any clubs outside of sports and drama.
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I have been going to Northwest for almost four years now and the students have been really accepting. The teachers are a hit or miss and the cafeteria food is too overpriced for the food they are actually serving. Overall, I have to say that going to Northwest is a pleasant experience, especially considering the Lutheran education you receive, and the sports programs are all very good.
Enjoyed this school very much. Nice sports program. Nice choir program as well. Small classroom sizes and nice connection with local Lutheran churches.
Over the years as a high school student, I am glad to say that I have had an overall satisfactory experience at Lutheran High School Northwest. The small size allows the students to not only become close with each other but also with the teachers in which close relationships are created to further the academic skills needed for the future in college. I'm proud to have been a part of the atmosphere associated with the school, and I hope that others may have that same experience if they are to attend this high school.