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Lutheran High School Northeast Reviews

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I went there after going to Newman Grove, and the experience was vastly different in a good way. The people are nicer and the teachers take their jobs seriously.
Lutheran High is like a family. We are all very close and make life long lasting friendships. A down side would be because we are so small, we miss out on opportunities to take advanced classes and there is no diversity.
Lutheran High Northeast is a good school that does a great job of trying to prepare their students for college and what the work load will be like. They have very well educated, and well qualified teachers that do their best to provide for all of their students and they are also available to talk to about issues outside of class work. They also care about you as a person and will take time out of their day to talk to a student about any problems they may have.
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I've had a very good experience at Lutheran High. It is a small school, which allows the teachers to have a personal relationship with you. They are always there to help with whatever crosses your path. The one thing I would change about Lutheran High is the student activities. Of course, there is basketball, volleyball, track, soccer, and football. And for those who do not enjoy sports there is chess, speech, and drama. I wish that Lutheran High had more activities to choose from. I used to play basketball and volleyball and found out they were not for me, but I do not feel comfortable with speech and drama. I wish there was an in between.
You feel like a family. The student to teacher ratio is good. You get to try many different activities.
I think Lutheran High Northeast has made a very positive effect on my life. Not only has it pushed my learning experience but it has also strengthened my relationship with Christ. Being a private school, we do not get funded by the state which makes it expensive. However, students and families who are not able to afford the cost have many options of aid through the school. The way the community supports us is absolutely unbelievable. If I could change anything, it would be to give students, especially juniors and seniors, a more college-like experience. I would do this just so they are ready when the time for college comes. Overall, I feel very privellaged to be accepted into Lutheran High and I would encourage anyone to enroll their children into the school.
This school has expanded my mind and help me accept new ideas and new perspectives.
This school has challenged me and has always pushed me to do my best. Everything about Lutheran High is what every high school needs. Great teachers, safe environment, and wonderful people. This school has not only shaped me in a strong woman, but it has helped me grow into a great Christian. Lutheran high is home to me. I can't imagine going anywhere else. There is truly no place like LHNE.
I have been in involved in numbers activities such as speech and debate, mock trial, one act, and spring play. They require hardwork. I have also been working at a local coffee shop which has taught me a lot about career skills.
My school has created a great environment where people are safe and respected. It is very important for all of us to be respectful of ourselves and others in order to make strong friendships.
The teachers have made a profound impact on my life. They have not only taught me a lot about education, but a lot about Christ. It is wonderful to have teachers who understand what you are going through and are willing to help. I have always felt comfortable and accepted by my teachers. They have given me endless amounts of support through all of my endeavors.
We didn't have to apply to be accepted into this school. It is a very well-rounded school. It has taught me a lot.
The support is great. The staff is always willing to help us with our struggles. There are plenty of opportunities for help.
The staff is very supportive.
It is a great Enviorment.
Lutheran High Northeast takes health and safety very seriously and goes over the rules with students frequently
People take our sports seriously
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Students can do multiple activities. Not tied to just one.
Most people have the same values, but very accepting
Great grounds for preparation academically
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