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Lutheran High North has pushed me academically to be the best student that I can be. With the options to take AP courses will definitely prepare me for college. One downfall would be that the school didn't prep the students for the ACT. I had to get a tutor on my own and with help I could've done better.
Very good school. Throughout the years it has challenged me academically, while preparing me for college. It has also supported me throughout my high school experience and offered me with many opportunities to grow.
LHN has been a great school for both of my children. They have received an excellent education and have made great life long friends. The school just added on a beautiful addition where the students can hang out after school. LHN was the best choice for our family.
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Throughout my experience at Lutheran North, I really enjoyed the closeness I have with all of my fellow classmates. Being a part of this school has given me the opportunity to prepare for college and know that I will be ready to continue my career path.
At Lutheran North, they treat you like family. Teachers are always there to help you with academic and/or personal issues; they truly care. Students and faculty are respectful of each other. Lutheran North also prepares you well for college by offering rigorous courses and getting you started on your applications. If you have any questions, the guidance counselors are right down the hall and happy to help.
I really love how all the staff makes sure a that anything you need is taken care of and that they’re always there to help if you need it.
My experience at Lutheran North has been a great one. The teachers, classes and opportunities have all prepared me for college. I would recommend this High School to anyone who is looking for a smaller learning environment.
We have had two children graduate and another one presently in school at LHN. We are thankful and blessed to be able to send our children to a Christ centered school.
LHN is such a wonderful environment for your children with the benefit of a great education preparing them for college.
Going to private school my whole life was such a blessing and Lutheran North was a huge part of it. LHN shaped me into the person I am today. They prepared me for college while keeping high school enjoyable. I feel 100% confident on my choice to move down to Florida for college as I am so well prepared for my future.
I had a very positive experience at North, looking back now. Transitioning to college, I found that my freshman year was a breeze because I had been adequately prepared in science and math, as well as learning how to properly study and do research. I continue to have good relationships with friends I made in high school and the teachers that were always there to guide me.
Great school and people. Administration was supportive and helpful . Both children attended and have graduated from college. They both were ready for college work load and content
going to LHN has changed my life for the better. the opportunities presented to me at this school have prepared me greatly for college. i wouldn’t trade my four years for the world
I would probably choose 2 1/2 stars. My child attended LHN. I guess it depends on why you are sending your child to a private school... it has great teachers (except for one that my child said was a pervert), but the student body not so much. Unhappy with their gym classes- they treat it with the same importance as a core class. Kids that did their work could easily still get a B... in GYM! Drugs, alcohol and sex are rampant. Crazy high emphasis on sports.
Great Christian education affiliated with the local Lutheran churches and elementary schools. Solid academics with good prep for college. Smaller classes with fewer public school challenges.
It creates an immersive learning experience in a Christian setting. It allows students to become more prepared for college than a traditional school setting. I came from a public school setting and my life completely changed for the better because of caring teachers, good fellow students that care about each toher and
I really liked the environment, it was physically comfortable, however there was limited diversity and a lot of over privileged students that did not care to be there. I also saw a lot of drugs and alcohol being used that the administration did not handle properly and made other students uncomfortable, noting that we did attend a lutheran school that taught a lot about good choices and the effects choices have overall.
Lutheran High School North has academically pushed me to not only learn new material, but to memorize the material so that it won't be forgotten even after i took the exam for the course. There are a wide variety of resources that teachers introduce to help their students, including the open communication to talk with their students after the class has ended. While they do provide an excellent academic opportunity, the only aspect I personally think that the school can improve on is their sports and club programs. I feel as though with more tools and more training, athletes at Lutheran High North can exceed even more than they already are.
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I loved the relationship between students and teachers. The small class sizes give a one-on-one appeal you cannot find at bigger schools. On the contrary, the education that was taught was not on as high a level, and the sports were not as exciting.
Amazing school academically very challenging and many great courses to choose from. Hard for kids to settle in when they don't come from a Lutheran middle school.
Luthern High North has provided a great learning environment that allows for growth from within each student as an individual. The staff are kind and caring and spend time to assure that the students are provided with the tools they need to be successful in life.