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lutheran East is a phenomenal school not only do the teachers care and help if you are struggling with something but the administration cares also if you need help with a problem they are there if you need someone to talk to they are there to talk if you are having a bad day week or month the teachers do everything in their ability to cheer you up in chapel they make sure you learning about Christ and not boring you but instead they are explaining it to you in ways that are easier to understand
What I love the most about Lutheran East is that it is a small, christian school. The staff at the school are very involved and they are always willing to help students whenever they need help. I also love that on Wednesdays, we get out early to have Wednesday school. This allows students to go to teachers when they need personal help on things. Lutheran East is a very good school and you can really see and feel how much the staff loves and cares for their students.
I have only spent one year at Lutheran High School East and as a new junior, I can say that it is a good school. The teachers make you feel invited. Every staff is there to help you and they take pride in caring for their students.
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At Lutheran East it was very welcoming from the moment of freshmen year and all the way to the end of senior year. I have experienced different and new things each and every year. Most importantly I have grown a deeper connection with my faith and found who I am. Academic wise, I learned what It means when they say “getting ready for real life”. All of the faculty members have Succeeded in helping each student grow and understand the concept of how important your faith , academics and future is.
Lutheran East has given me the opportunity to not only grow academically but also grow in my relationship with Christ, I think the country needs more christian schools like Lutheran East.
I had a pretty good experience at Lutheran East. Teachers and staff were always willing to help me with whatever I needed.
The teachers do not care about the students at all, they do a disservice to them. The student population is 99% African American and that should reflect somewhat in the staff. The teachers are hypocrites and bullies just on the strength that they are white. They give the basketball players a free pass no matter, answers to test, unexcused absences, being tardy, cutting classes. This is a disservice to our black youth, once these young men graduate what will happen. Majority will not move forward because they lack the knowledge to do so. The students that recognize their being mistreated and speak up get scrutinized,ie, marked tardy when they are not, accused of cheating when they were not, threatened with suspensions basically just lied on. Also the school has rodents. How and why? There is no reason our children should be sitting in class with their feet up in the chair because rats and mice are running across the classroom floor.
This was my daughter's 1st full year at LE. She loves it💙💛💙. Graduating from a small Christian elementary school she wanted to continue the same path as a high schooler. LE not only provides the education nourishment she needs to be successful, they teach from a foundation of Christ. The environment is clean and inviting. When she attended a interview in June 2018, we both knew that LE was the school to complete her high school education. A year later she is on the merit role, and participates in several curriculum activities offered by the school. The tuition is costly but with the Cleveland scholarship and LE scholarship combine the balance is affordable. She made the right choice to attend Lutheran East High School
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Its not a big school so they help you directly, and every Wednesday there are times to go see your teachers. The teachers are always willing to help and are usually avialible
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Fantastic education. Great teachers. I can's say enough good things about the education my child received.
Lutheraneast was a great school. The teachers really care about you there and they all want you to succeed. Everyone is one big family there and I would change anything
Lutheran East was a great experience for myself. The teachers were very supportive and outgoing. They were also very helpful and understanding when someone didn't understand something.
As a current graduating senior at Lutheran High East, I have had a great experience. The first year going to Lutheran East was a little difficult for me transitioning from a public school system to a private Christian school. But after a month I started to really appreciate the school a lot.While getting the best education the school can offer you, they also take time to worship God in chapel assemblies by giving testimonies, worshiping God in song and having current students and outside guest speakers.They give you daily updates on your student's grades, And the teachers really care about the student's educations and will definitely take time off to help their students during, or after school to help the student with any work.They prepare the students for college readiness with placement testing and ACT/SAT practice tests.The faculty and staff will welcome you and treat you kindly in a Christian way.The school is also exceptional in athletics.
I liked how we all get to connect and have a Christian education. I would like for Lutheran East to have AP classes for the honors students.
The education and teachers are great! They are fixing new things each year to become a better place. Ive seen so many improvemments over the years.
Lutheran East High School is a very small, diverse and religion-based High School. Due to the teacher to student ration, the teachers were able to give each student their undivided attention at some point. The counselor was very helpful my senior year. Both the Dean and the Principal were very fair and understanding. They didn't just punish you without hearing your side to the story or why you weren't in complete uniform. The academics were just vigorous enough. It was challenging without making it a struggle. Once a week we had Chapel which allowed the students to hear the word of God. Overall Lutheran East was a good pick for me for High School.
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They aren't any fun because they limit how many people can be apart of the groups
They school doesn't really have anything to offer us they don't have any things for us to do the school is really boring we don't really have anything to do
They don't put work in on time they put it in on their time some of them have smart mouths some of them show favoritism to certain students
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