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I loved the memories I made. I wouldn't be who I am today of it weren't for the friends I made over there. It's a shame that I didn't get to perform in this year's musical due to COVID-19, but I pray that many other kids will continue to make great memories at this school in the future!
Lunch I great! I LOVE the King Cafe!! It is so nice to have luch people who are warm and inviting. Every day we walk in they greet us with big smiles, open arms, and are always there if we need prayer. LOVE IT!!
My time going to Lutheran High North was by far the best high school years. I transferred into Lutheran High north going into my junior year. Now that I have graduated, I wish I would have gone all four years at Lutheran High North. The teachers were very supportive, knowledgable, and nice. My favorite part about Lutheran High North was during homecoming week where each class would decorate a portion of the school. Throughout the week there will be activities and games where each class will compete in. By the end of the week, the teachers will choose which class will win. My senior year the seniors won homecoming week. Lutheran High North also prepared me for college! I am so grateful for that! I would definitely recommend Lutheran High North!
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I have had two children who have graduated and one who will graduate this year. All three of my children have been completely prepared for their college career and have excelled academically. LHN is small and diverse enough that all kids, even though may not be the best athletically, can participate in numerous sports and activities. It has small time atmosphere within the the big city of Houston. It's a great day to be a lion!
I have had two children attend Lutheran High North over the years. The school environment is welcoming to both students and parents. Their impact within the community reflects their involvement to support their neighbors. Lutheran High North engages their students to higher levels of learning, intellectual skills development and practical knowledge. My children were well prepared for college.
A wonderful family feel with caring students and teachers. My son has found many ways to get involved and is enjoying leadership opportunities.
Overall the school offered a safe environment to learn. Everyone is given a chance to try new things, such as drama, sports, band, & choir, unlike public school where you have to choose one activity and stick with it.
I experience a different culture and a chance to become one of the leaders of the school and to be given opportunities to be greater than what i was i wouldn't trade it for the world.
This is my third child attending and with each one I have experienced the growth in academics, spiritual and personal. I believe that it's the perfect setting for them to thrive.
I have enjoyed every minute of high school at LHN. The people are friendly and try to get others involved. Because it is a smaller school, the students' advice and comments are heard by the faculty.
There are so many benefits of attending a faith-based school. From small classes to extra help from teachers, from being treated as a person, not a number. While no school is perfect, LHN is perfect for my child. If you want your student to get an excellent education, LHN is for you.
We have already seen spirit, knowledge and personal growth in two years at LHN. Being a smaller school allows students to be involved in MANY things that maybe in a big school they would have to choose.
Great small environment. Christ-centered. GREAT Band to be a part of. Music and Art are strengths. I wish they had a theater. Fine Arts deserves more funding.
I loved it, at first I was scared because I didn’t have any friends but then they made me feel home. Just to add, I didn’t know English when I went there and now I speak perfectly fine, if you’re looking for a family school where the students actually learn, have fun and feel safe and comfortable LHN is your right choice!
LHN is a great school with wonderful students and the ability to participate in many activities. We have a great school culture!
Lutheran High North is a well rounded education, academically and spiritually. They also have wonderful coaches and because of the school's small size, plenty of opportunity to participate in different sports. We have been very pleased with the school and with the extended community of educators, fellow parents, and students.
It is a great environment to make friends and get to know people. I have met some of my closest friends at school, and the teachers are great. They reach out and try to better your experience. They truly want to get to know you and be there for you. They come early and stay late to help you with homework or just to talk.
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We’ve had a great experience at LHN. Caring environment, great opportunities to participate in various activities and a well rounded curriculum!
Hello, I'm an international student at Lutheran High North. If you want to have an enjoyable learning experience in Houston, TX, then you have to put LHN on top of your "Wish List." When studying at LHN, what I like most in LHN is the learning environment here. If you are afraid that you will be bullied as in some movies you watch but don’t worry, it never happens here. Everybody LHN are very friendly and will be happy to help you when you have questions. Also, LHN has the most helpful and dedicated teacher team who always take care of you and usually bring moral lessons to the lessons that will give you a positive outlook on life. Besides having a good learning environment, another thing that I like about LHN is the Pride Group. This will be the best memories you will never forget. As an international student, Pride Group is a great spiritual gift, a second family to me; it makes me feel motivated and less lonely especially when I am not living with my parents.
Lutheran High North is an amazing place to be, and I am blessed to attend this school. LHN has allowed me to push myself and excel in academics, and express myself in band and theater productions. My teachers have supported me on every step of my academic and spiritual journey, and I have held numerous leadership positions that I would not have been able to experience elsewhere. Without LHN, I would not be the same person I am today.