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A very excellent private high school. Great preparation for a career in the liberal arts whether it be for a teacher or a pastor. It has a great curriculum and a good music program as well.
Luther Prep has been such a good experience for me. I have loved every minute of going to school here. When I can in as a freshman I didn't know anyone in my class. It was so crazy how fast I made friends and how quickly we became our own little family. For those of you who don't know much about Prep it's a ministry minded school. The students live on campus in dorms with tutors as their on campus "parents". I think living in the dorms has really helped me learn how to be independent and prepared me for college. Another cool thing about Prep is the diversity. I have people in my class from China, Korea, Canada, St. Lucia, Ukraine, and one of my best friends is from Antigua. Iv'e learned so much about different countries cultures and it's been so awesome to hear how different they're lives are from mine.
This high school is amazing. I met my best friends that are now considered my family through Luther Prep. The teachers are all wonderful and actually care about how you are doing in school and want you to succeed. Luther Prep prepared me so well for college!
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Luther Prepatory School is an amazing experience for teenagers. The atmosphere and teachers are amazing and they really care for all of their students. The student body of Luther Prep is a big family and I am so glad I was apart of it. I would like to change Luther Prep by having a job fair so students could consider other career options.
The cafeteria needs to be better lol. They need to improve food quality. The dorm at osphere is amazing and it is great to see students from around the country and world
Do not prepare you for college at all unless you plan on becoming a pastor and or teacher. There is not a lot of compromises if you are no athletic or musical. The staff heavily favorites students and learning environment is stressful. You get privileges if you are a pastors kid (WELS), which most of the students happen to be. However the people are welcoming and kid once you get there. There are numerous flaws in the academic proportion though. If you are not wanting to be a pastor or teacher I heavily recommend to stay away from this school.
I love the relationships I make with all of my friends and teachers. Everyone is so accepting, and loving toward one another. Since you live in dorms, you are bale to grow so much closer with one another, and be able to encourage each other in faith. You are given so many opportunities here, and are given a chance to do a little bit of everything. The academics here are so great. The teachers are always willing to work with you after class, and to help you succeed.
I love the school because the professors and teachers have helped me grow as a student and a person immensely. I have many wonderful role models to follow and look up to. I also love the atmosphere of Luther Prep because it is easy to make lifelong friends here.
I love living at Luther Preparatory School. I am very close to friends and peers who are all willing to help me succeed. The teachers are canonical and they care about every student. Classes are fun and engaging with the main theme of Christ as our savior in every subject.
Luther Preparatory School is an amazing private high school that educates students in the Bible and encourages them in going into the public ministry and spreading the Gospel to others.
Luther Prep is an awesome place to learn. The level of education that you get here is incredible. The opportunity to live with your friends and grow in faith is the best part of the campus.
My experience was fantastic! I met so many great friends there and I was able to live with them. All my friends felt like family and every weekend was a blast. We could get enough people together to play basketball, ultimate frisbee, or any activity for that matter. The only thing I wish they had was a swimming pool, besides that the school felt like home.
Luther Preparatory School is an amazing, Christian school. The professors genuinely care about every student and make an effort to help each and every one. The small class sizes make for a close knit community of young Christians. Students are blessed with the opportunity to grow their faith everyday in the classrooms, chapel, and dorms. The professors and teachers inspire the students to witness and grow their faith daily.
I loved this school. This is a boarding school with people who all share the same faith. The friends I have made feel like family and I am now motivated to become a missionary and serve others full time because of the past four years at Prep. The teachers care about you and are amazing. Chapel is twice a day and you can room with your best friend, there is nothing that I would change.
This school prepares students for life on their own, for college, and for the public ministry. The teachers are great and helpful and want to see their students succeed. This school is excellent.
Luther Prep is a unique school in that the majority of its students live on campus. Prep very much feels like a family. The tutors, professors and other staff have always been very supportive whenever I've needed help in any area of my life, academic or personal. The curriculum is challenging. The music is outstanding.
Luther Preparatory School is a great school. It gives me a safe environment where I can grow in my academics and my faith. I have been blessed to come here. It continuously prepares me for my future as a Lutheran teacher. The campus continues to grow and improve with its newly renovated chapel, great dorms, and a wonderful cafeteria. The classes push you to do your best in all aspects. The bond between the teachers and students is incomparable to anything else. Teachers and staff with help you to grow into the young Christian men and women you look up to.
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I love the school-pretty much everything about it. But I wish that the school either showed us more options when it came to careers and colleges, or opened up a sister school that showed us what is available outside the ministry.
I have given Luther Prep a terrible rating for these reasons. First being that they do not prepare you for college. Luther Prep did not offer AP courses claiming that all of their classes are as challenging as an AP course. Unfortunately, this really sets a person back in college, both academically and financially. This school only seems to care about you if you are going to become a pastor or teacher(which are great professions). Another issue with this school is the lack of extracurricular activities. It seemed as though if you weren't musical or somewhat athletic then there was not much for you to do. The electives offered at the school were lacking too. It was not fun having to take 4 years of music class and two years of Piano and one year of choir when I knew I wasn't musical. But you HAD to take it. Overall, my experience at prep was not for me. It was not the high school I should have gone to. If you are not 100% sure you wanna be a pastor or teacher, then DO NOT go to prep!
It is a really great school preparing people like me to go into the teaching/preaching ministry! It is almost like college because you get to live in the dorms with your friends. The only problem is not having many opportunities to make money, which is why I apply for scholarships.
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