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Luther L. Wright K-12 School Reviews

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It was pretty great. The teachers were fun and took time to get to know you. Staff and administration worked with the seniors to encourage them to reach for the stars!
I enjoyed my experience at Luther L. Wright. The teachers wanted to see the students succeed and were available for those needing extra assistance. The sports programs contained some bias, as what often comes with small towns. You are able to dual enroll with courses from Gogebic Community College, which is nice for students looking to gather college credit early. The lunches do not really offer diverse options for those students eating a vegetarian or other type of diet, but a salad bar is available.
Teachers care about the students and do everything to give them their best future. One thing I would like to change is the lunches. It frequently doesn’t taste very good and is very expensive to purchase.
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Luther L. Wright is a small high school in a very rural community. The k-12 school has less than 300 children total and a 2018 graduating class of 66 students. I feel our school system does not prepare their students for higher eduation. The school system is not wealthy and although they have some computer available for students, they do not have many. They use older textbooks. The best teachers do not use textbooks at all. The best possible outcomes for my area is a three school consolidation. If the greater minds came together, there would be more resources and more opportunies for the children of the area. Instead of three average schools we could have one great one for the purpose of preparing children for their futures.
Luther L. Wright offered many opportunities for me throughout high school, but I had to push very hard on my own to find them. School authorities gave me little assistance in planning my high school career and my future.
The school makes sure that you are doing good in all of your classes. Most teachers care about their students.
The school is always kept clean and there are always police officers either in or near the building. I feel tremendously safe inside the walls of Luther L.Wright. I also thank the janitors for keeping the school so consistently clean.
After-school activities are given a lot support, financially and in other ways. This organizations do help students, however, many students in my school decide to not join these organizations for whatever reason.
I had a good experience at this school. As a smaller high school, the students get much more one-on-one time with teachers. If in need of help, all teacher's are generally able to help us on short notice. I also feel like students grow a stronger bond with teachers while in a small school. All of this contributes to a better experience throughout high school.
My teachers are skilled in explaining their lessons.
The people and teachers are better then where i use to go to school.
Most of my teachers at LL Wright school where very knowledgeable and kept the lessons fun and interesting. Most seemed to care a great deal about the students and had respect for them. There where good leaders especially in the JROTC program.
We are a small town and we have a tight knit community. People are committed to the clubs and organizations in the school but there is little money. There is a lot of fund raising going on and support from businesses and the people.
First off, going to our community college has been a great experience. Teachers and counselors from LLWright helped me in my decision senior year to go for at least one year to Gogebic Community college. Its very affordable and most all of the credits will transfer. Going to college close to home has allowed me to be with my family while at the same time grow in my independence, and confidence to take on more responibility. I received several Scholarships my senior year which helped me pay for my year at GCC. Now I hope to find some help by applying for this and other scholarships for my chance to go on to Michigan Technical University to become a Computer Software engineer.
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