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Overall, I had a great time at Luther High School. There are some great people that attend it as well as some amazing teachers. If I had to change anything, the biggest thing would be some of the classes. While there are required classes that must be taught, some of the other classes feel somewhat dated when compared to others. Aside from that, I very much enjoyed attending Luther High School and encourage others to attend it as well,
I liked how I could challenge myself with the classes and that they offer dual credit programs. I wish I had a spring break.
From the teachers to the classes, we have had a positive high school experience for our son. He has grown both spiritually and academically from the guidance of his teachers.
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Luther High was an amazing high school experience. My favorite part was the amazing teachers. They truly care about the students and build great relationships that go beyond the classroom. They do everything in their power to help you succeed academically and socially.
Luther also has incredible Music and Drama Departments, and great athletic teams.
The academics could improve some. Online options have just opened up but are expensive. On top of the tuition, they aren't an option for some.
Many upgrades to the campus have recently been made. A brand new chapel auditorium and a beautiful atrium are just two of them.
Luther is a place full of friendly faces and is a great option for any student in the Onalaska area.
Good! Awesome campus, awesome teachers, awesome culture and vibe! All around awesome place. Everyone is super nice and accepting, and the community loves it.
Great Christian education in Wisconsin. Anyone who complains about going here has never attended public school.
Luther High School has helped me grow and develop into a servant leader. The faculty is kind, and you can tell they care about the work they are doing.
I loved my four years at Luther High School. The greatest aspect about the education that is provided there is that everything is Christ-centered. No matter what class you are in, it always centers around God's love for us. I made many life-long friends while I was there, and I am even at college with several friends from high school. For the most part, the teachers there were amazing. They did a great job of creating a healthy and fun learning environment for the students. One of the biggest areas in which I believe change would be welcome is the hot lunch program. Each student has the option to purchase a $20 meal ticket, and can use it on specific food items for hot lunch until it runs out. However, the food there was/is very overpriced and is not high quality. Despite the food options provided, it did not take away from an amazing four years of high school education at Luther High School
I receive great education by many qualified teachers. I have many opportunities to use my God given talents in music and arts. While getting a great education the real benefit to going to this school is being able to hear God's word, and to be reminded of my faith daily.
Faculty really cares about making you succeed, and continually strive to improve academics. Not a ton of variety for sports although it is improving. There is a big push for students to be as involved as possible.
I have loved every minute of the past four years I have spent at Luther High School. I have developed respect, as well as friendships, with many of my teachers. I am very grateful for the openness which was displayed when my family approached them about an opportunity to become part of a cooperative gymnastics team. I love the fact that I can incorporate Christ into the classroom. I have made lots of life-long friends with whom I can share laughs, as well as serious subjects. I cannot imagine having gone to school anywhere else. To me, Luther High School is a safe environment full of good memories and a is a place I will always hold close to my heart.
Luther is a great school to learn about our savior. It is very small so class sizes are nice. I would like to see it offer more college credit courses.
I loved the fact that Luther is a small school. You get to know all of the teachers very well. Since you become more comfortable with the teachers, it makes it easier to ask for help. We have a good sports programs where the coaches care for the athletes and help them to succeed not only on the court, but also in the class room. Many of the teachers at Luther are great, and I have learned a lot from them. However, there are a few teachers that seem to not really know what they are teaching. Therefore I had to pretty much teach myself everything from those few classes. Overall Luther is a great school, and I would definitely recommend it.
Luther is a much harder high school compared to the public schools in the area, however, it prepares students much better for college. Some of my friends complain about the rules, but they really aren't that restrictive. Even with the rules, I love Luther and would do it again if i could.
I feel pretty safe at my school. We just installed security cameras so I feel a lot safer. Bullying isn't really much of an issue, although it isn't uncommon at all to see people playfully teasing each other, but it's all in good fun I think.
Lots of great opportunities for students to get involved. Because it is a smaller school, kids are involved in a ton of different things!
The school does what it needs to in order for students to be safe.
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It's just really hard to beat having your teenager in a Christian atmosphere everyday with Christian friends. No place is perfect but Luther has been an awesome blessing for our son and daughter. I don't think that they can imagine going anywhere else!
Luther's overall mission is based on Christian love and the teachers are there because they love the kids and they love their Savior.
Luther has a really unique range of extracurricular activities for students to take part in. Some of those include Wings, which is a group focused on drugs and alcohol prevention. Another cool option is Pro - Life Knights, which centers on the controversial topic of abortion, and how it's ending the life of a human being. Those are just a couple of the great variety of organizations that students have an opportunity to take part in.
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