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I am completely satisfied with the teachers and their overall concern for their students, The teachers go to exceptional means to ensure that their students are prepared to succeed in all areas continuing education .
The administration is absolutely atrocious. They are all condescending and rude. The school counselor refuses to help people with potential and clearly only uses the job to her daughter's benefit. The entire school is an absolute joke. They only care for sports and whenever someone is interested in academics, they immediately put you down and make everything as difficult as possible.
There are many great things about Luther High School. It is a small school, so everyone knows each other. The students and administration are extremely friendly and helpful. Teachers truly care about the education that their students receive. Although it is a great environment, there is something that could be changed. Luther High School does not provide students with very many elective classes to enroll in. While students do receive a good education, I think that their college readiness would increase if more classes were available.
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Luther High School wasn't just a school, it is like my second home. The people here are so friendly, and the teachers are amazing. They did so much to get me college ready. The diversity is beyond amazing. Everyone is welcome here, we do not exclude anyone. When a new student comes in, we treat them like they are a part of us. We are like family, and always will be.
My experience so far with Luther is many things could be bettter but it’s a very good place to be. Luther is a very small town with a lot of potential for kids that are both academically competitive and sport ready as well.
Luther High School is about as bare-bones as it gets. Most of the teachers are just competent, and the majority of the students are going to go nowhere. The school is safe, the food's alright, the administration is great, and they've got a decent amount of resources for students to use. I'd like to see more classes that actually matter, and better college readiness...things. Whelp, that's about it.
At Luther Hugh School we do not have a great abundance of extracurricular activities but the ones we do have are great. Since we are such a diverse school they allow us to connect with people who have the same interest as us who may not necessarily have been in our group of friends to begin with. Some of the ones I am in are FCA, STUCO, NHS, OHS, and basketball. All of these have provided me with great experiences.
Luther High School is a small rural school. What makes it so great is the close knit community. Everyone's support and encouragement is why students here succeed. If I could do it all over again I would choose to go back to this school. I have learned many things in the class room as well as about life from my experience at

Luther High School. A recent experience that really made me proud was last night at my basketball game the cheerleaders began a chant. Of course they do this at most games but this time it was different. As they began to cheer everyone in the stands chimed in with them. They were all stomping and yelling our school and mascots name. As they continued to fill the gym with, "Luther Lions!," a smile came across my face because my family was cheering my team and I on.
The teachers at Luther High School are great. They genuinely care about the well-being of each and every student. They strive to help each student reach their full potential. Also, the teachers strongly focus on teaching the students the tools they need in order for them to succeed.
New administration has caused the community to go corrupt and taken the fun out of school.
The teachers are all amazing
It's a small school that turns out good kids
It's a good selection of things
You really get to find out what you are truly good at.
You will hardly have a dull moment at this school with always has something to do.
It has reasonable weather protection areas, The technology is still on its way up.
The food was was average tasting. There wasn't much section in the two places we could eat.
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Most teachers help the students with what they are struggling with in class.
The staff is very involved with the students and care about their success.
I chose to go to UCO for some reasons. The main reason I went to UCO is because it offered both of my majors.
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