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Luther Burbank High School Reviews

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Luther Burbank High School is just an average school to attend. The only standing out point they have is their International Baccalaureate program.
What I liked about luther burbank is that it was pretty easy to fit in. Not only because of it diversity, but also because most people that are willing to help are pretty nice. The teachers that I have had so far have all been helpful, whenever I needed help or advice with something they were willing to spend there time with me. It is somewhat easy to make friends in Luther Burbank. Something I wished that was different in Luther Burbank is the lunch. Most of it is good but my favorite sweet and sour chicken with rice was remove from the menu. Something else that I like from Luther Burbank are the clubs and encourage to play sports. For the athletes who play sports, we have mandatory study hall, wich is nice because it allows us to have a time to catch up on our homework to be on top of our grades. One other thing I like about Luther burbank is the library, wich is open from before school and stays open after school. It has help many times, for it has a large selection of books.
I have been attending this school ever since my freshmen year in 2016. I have gotten very great advice, as well as a "shadow day" which is where an 8th grader is invited to LBHS to see how highschool would be like. I think this school is great considering the fact that we have many small learning communities, the IB Program, and many great helpful staffs.
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I like how we get out early on thursdays, they have a beautiful garden, and most teachers are chill. What I do not like is the fact that they are somewhat strict. It sometimes feels like jail. I would like to see them having better food and be more organized. I know it's not a wealthy school but I feel like they would get more students by having better food. Everyone loves food.
The teachers here is actually very caring , but I do believe the curriculums are too easy compares to other schools.
There wasn't much diversity in this school. I liked that we had small learning communities. The small learning communities allowed students to meet more often throughout the 4 years, as you'll probably get to have the same classes with the same people in your SLC. However, I feel that this made it inflexible to meet new people because you'll get stuck with certain teachers and classes that only teach in your learning Community. It's a fairly good school but I didn't like it.
My experience in Luther Burbank high was good had no problems but the kids here miss behave and staff doesn’t care about it
The school is located in south Sacramento which is a low poverty area with many criminal activities. They are limited in resources and funding so the education received is not the best but the staff are still passionate about teaching and do their best with what they have to educate their students. I would not recommend the school if you have a better option but I also believe that you won't find more passionate teachers elsewhere.
I enjoy the diversity and feeling of community among students. Teachers and staff are cool and genuinely care about the well-being if the students.
Out of all the high schools I have been to Burbank is the most diverse. In addition to that the staff really care about you and you can see it. As long as your trying to do something positive their very willing to help.
Luther Burbank is a diverse school that really the students connect with their community. Many students at Burbank have good relationships with the staff and it's really a mostly great atmosphere.
Luther Burbank High School has amazing staff. The teachers not only TEACH you but they also care about all of their students as if we were their children. It wasn’t much of a school it was more of a community and a family. They always found ways to get all of the students involved. This school makes you feel really comfortable and safe. Burbank has taught me some of the best lessons in my life. They understand their students so well and always put themselves in our shoes to give us great advice when needed.
Something I like about Luther Burbank High School is the diversity. You get to see many different races and cultures which is something I loved about Luther Burbank. Many awesome and cool people and easy to get along with. When I was here, didn't see much bullying or fights. There were fights but didn't see much of it. The staff and teachers were also very nice, funny and easy to get along with. The food has gotten a lot better, although not the best, over the past 4 years that I was there. Although it was a good school, I gave it a 3 star because they did not offer a lot of activities. I would've liked to see more activities such as a cooking class or music.
Luther Burbank has overall had a great impact on my life despite all the criticism it receives. I have found lots of help and guidance throughout the years from teachers and counselors. they offer IB classes in which I have felt have really prepared me for college and the real world. My brother and cousins have graduated from this school. beside that I have been blessed with finding all the resources I've needed and I'm happy to be able to receive so much support.
Luther Burbank is a campus full of very different kinds of people coming from all over the world. I love the kind of diversity there is and the kind of cultures that mix all together. I truly think that this campus has opened my eyes to various different situations.
Everyone that attends this school is different and unique. The school is very diverse and is welcome to anyone. Burbank offers the IB program which most schools only offer AP. IB is international and challenging. Burbank is like any public high-schools, and despite all the hatred for high-school, learning, tests, finals, students will often thank their previous teachers for helping them get to where they are at.
This is a really good school. The teachers care tremendously and want the best for everyone. There is so much help offered for every student equally, so no child is left behind.
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Teachers here will often- if not always reach out to their students creating a bond. Which is quite wonderful as it makes the campus bearable. The aesthetics on the walls of the school were created by the students, themselves, which shows how students were able to tell their own story. The school is great in diversity however I just personally can't stand some students as they feel the need to fight everyone that walks past them in the halls. It seems each year the school slowly improves itself which is a nice plus side to it.
Luther Burbank High School is a school that cares about each and every student academic, safety, and future goals in life. The teachers at Luther Burbank High School are often involved in clubs, sports, and activities around the school helping students and providing a safe space for students after school. When in reality they do not need to spend their time helping at all. Luther Burbank High School have more than one academic programs that will help students determine their career path such as; construction and design, medical and health science, law and social justice, and etc. Not only the academic programs help students with their career path but also the diversity around the campus and all the staff supports around campus.
What I like about Burbank is the diversity of the school. It’s more comfortable being around different races to me since I’m used to the different people. Although this may be true the school does need more resources to become a better equipped district.
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