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I liked the variety of clubs that Lutcher offered and most of the teachers were very helpful and friendly. Lutcher could improve by improving the general maintenance of the school (like the bathrooms). Also, a few of the teachers could improve their teaching skills. The way some teachers teach their classes can really determine the student’s interest in the subject. There were a few classes where I had some interest in the subject, but by the end of the year, any interest I had was lost due to the way the teacher presented the material.
I can’t speak for the social aspects, since I’ve been very lucky to find kind people and stay away from others, but its not a bad school. They have a lot of duel enrollment opportunities and career opportunities. They let anyone take carpentry as long as your certified, and they let anyone try duel enrollment as long as they are qualified. Can get a lot here. No AP or IB classes though.
Lutcher High School was excellent in it's Science and Math Academy facility. Through this facility, I was able to take advanced and dual enrollment classes. At some times, it feels like Lutcher is more so focused on football or future blue collar workers and not the college bound kids, so I would like to see more attention sent to the students who are going to pursue college.
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Most teachers are nice and respectful towards students as long as the students are respectful towards them. The teachers are easy to talk to and like to help their students have a good high school experience. The administration and teachers will do all they can to help their students. At Lutcher I was able to make many new friends of all different kinds of people.
Many options to pursue athletics at Lutcher High School. The school boasts multiple State Championship winning teams. As far as academia goes, I admire the option to study at the Science and Math Academy. Students have the option to enroll and take classes for college credit, which is something I felt lucky to have. I also was able to participate in a technology program that gives students access to monitored take-home laptops for scholastic pursuits. I have many good memories here.
my experience at lutcher high is pretty good. i get along with everyone and my teachers are very helpful. my grades are really good and they help you when you need it. as far as college readiness, they focus more on that for seniors rather than the other grades. the food is alright. it could be better, they don’t give us enough food on our plates though
Being at Lutcher High is some of my favorite memories! I have never had better teachers and coaches!
I like the about of spirit that our school has and how supportive they are with anything they do. Lutcher High School will alway be there for you if you ever need their support. I've truly enjoyed my high school experience at this school.
LHS was the best 4 years! Enjoyed it all, the ups and downs. The admin and teachers care about you and are there to help you succeed. The food could be better Haha
At Lutcher High, sports are put first. Education is kinda put on the back burner if you’re good at sports. Classes are not challenging either if you stay awake at least 70% of the time. Teachers, however, are awesome. The wide array of classes offered (online and DE) are also awesome. Its a small school with not a lot of kids, an okay education/atmosphere, but great teachers/coaches with some pretty good sports.
Lutcher high school is a very interracial school with very many nice teachers. All the teachers are very nice but not much help with counseling. I would like to see better action taken towards student issues
I loved the art department! I also liked the fact that we were able to take dual-enrollment classes for dual enrollment credit!
Lutcher High School has around 1,000 students because it is for 7th-12th graders. The only thing I would like for the school to have more of is programs to help with Arts.
I like how it is a decent sized school in a small town. every one comes together in times of need and no one is ever alone/
Lutcher High accommodates students from different backgrounds. Lutcher High has many opportunities such as dual enrollment and career training; they have numerous resources that help make your learning experience effective.
I loved the teachers and staff, teachers were always there to help when you need them even if you don’t take their class. The staff is amazing always caring and kind. This school has the best most fun principal in the world!
Lutcher High School is a very interesting school. If I could change anything, it would be about how no one cares about the academics, but only the athletics. People care about the politics and not the education. There are many things I wish could change at this school, especially the clientele of the people, as many people are down right rude.
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Lutcher High School is a wonderful school to attend because it had many educational opportunities to advance and challenge students, but the social aspects of the high school need some work. Lutcher High School's students are always separated, and it ruins the high school experience altogether. If the school was more organized and student oriented, it would be the best. The counselors and administrators are amazing! They are always there to help the students and make sure that they are prepared for college. Students have opportunities to earn college credit while they are in high school. They even may attend the Universities for some classes. Lutcher High School is a good school for you!
I like that Lutcher high School offers dual enrollment classes. I alway like how the school is very involved with their football team. I would like to see more involvement from parents. I would also like to see more clubs available to students who are not interested in sports.
I liked having the opportunity to take classes at the Career Technology Center. I would like to see the racism change.
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