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Lustre Christian High School Reviews

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Great instructors. Small class sizes. Involved community. Needs more students. Great dorm life. My daughter made an amazing transformation while in Lustre. We will never be able to repay the kindness shown to our family.
My experience at Lustre Christian High School these past four years have been very beneficial to my life. I have had many opportunities to grow in academics as well as in sports, leadership, and in my character. I have had academic success at LCHS and I believe others can too. I have also enjoyed the sports programs tremendously. I love working with my teammates and building a personal bond that goes beyond the sport. This has really helped me build my character and it has also helped me with my leadership skills. As one of the leaders in my school, I have learned that leadership is a very important skill to have in life. Lustre Christian High School has given me numerous opportunities to show my leadership skills as well as many others. Overall, I believe that Lustre Christian High School is a very amazing school and I consider myself privileged to have been able to attend this school.
While I attended LCHS my teachers treated me like an adult and I was held to a higher standard that is uncommon in most academic settings. Their attention to my needs helped me learn and grow as a student and a young adult. The involvement of the community in the students lives is also another important part of Lustre that makes it so unique. I have seen graduates come back years later just to visit people in the community. The relationships that are built here are incredibly strong and special that can only be a testament to how much this school can impact young adults. I would recommend LCHS without hesitation, and I appreciate what this school and the community have done for me over the years after I left and the support they have shown me.
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I lived in the neighborhood and wished I transferred earlier. The teachers were great, sportsmanship was a big deal for sports. I really enjoy going back to see the people that cared about being there.
It's below average as a day school but if you plan on sending your children to boarding school here PLEASE reconsider. This school has given me and others irreversible trauma and mental anguish. I can't describe all the awful things they did to me without going over the word limit so I'm just going to summarize; only send your kids here if you hate them.
Honestly, I have no words to tell you what kind of school this is. The first time I came here I was hated it, but as the days went by I realized there was no other school I would want to go too. I’ve learned a lot from this school, especially the dorm, they’ve taught me what the real world is like so it won’t be as hard for me when it’s time for me to be fully independent. You would also have the opportunity to be in sports and many activities. Loved it, thank you! Lustre.
This school is the best school ever I have been. the environment about school is good and as the dorm students I learned a lot of things from it and how to organized life through the school. I felt that a lot of people care about me because it is easy to develop the relationship with teachers and God.
As an international student, Lustre provided me new experiences and relationships with people from the community as well as with Jesus Christ. Despite the disadvantages of being in middle of nowhere, students had chances to focus on their study and build relationships with people around. It’s an honor to be a Lion of Lustre Christian.
LCHS is a unique and wonderful experience. Small classroom sizes ensures individual attention. The teachers are knowledgeable in their subjects and genuinely care about each student's education.
The atmosphere is wonderfully diverse with students from all around the world!
They also teach according to biblical principles and celebrate the joy that Christianity brings!
For students that take advantage of the student dormitory there are many activities available and a community that welcomes them and even invites them to do activities at their homes!
There are also many sports and musical programs in which to participate.
Overall its a great place to prepare for whatever the student decides to do following high school.
It's hard to find a school and community where they care so much about the students, and where they get involved with and have such a positive impact on the students' lives.
The teachers are wonderful. It creates a great atmosphere of learning and socializing in a Christ centered environment.
Lustre Christian is a top quality school that strives for excellence in education, Christian life, sports and loving the kids who attend here. With smaller class sizes the kids receive personal attention, challenges in personal growth and the chance to thrive under teachers who care about them. Lustre is nestled in the heart of a prairie farming community where hard work, integrity and loving your neighbors are still highly valued. We are thankful to have this school and community for our kids!
Lustre Christian High School is located 30 miles from the nearest town, in the middle of a farming community, filled with amazing people who follow hard after Jesus. It is isolated, but in this world full of drugs, teen pregnancy, bullying, confusion and just plain old junk, this place is a haven. If you allow the locals to get to know you, they will embrace you and just love on you! This school is an excellent place to send your kid to high school. They will graduate with a biblical knowledge that will help them through out their life, and friendships that will last the years.
If you are a good kid and don't want any trouble this place is fine and you will do just fine. And please don't act out because then you're just asking to get in trouble. Just stay on the low get to know people and then be yourself.
Not a good school. Some people think it's a bargain because it cheap but spend some more money where you'll get a real education, real culture, real people, and a place where they aren't sexist against females.
Only one decent teacher here. The rest are bad. One teacher gives us coloring pages for work! Most of them have no clue what the real world is like and what colleges expect so you get under-educated. Once you reach college you'll be totally overwhelmed by the work because they hardly give you work here.
Small school, only 7 classrooms. Everything is old, the gym is terrible. No air conditioning, cold in the winter, hot in the summer. Bad quality school overall.
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Some kids drink and smoke. Depends on who they are. The farm kids won't drink or smoke, you just have to know the right people.
There are hardly any extracurricular activities except basktetball, volleyball, and track. The school is in the middle of no where. The closest town in 30 miles away. Theres nothing to do here except watch tv or farm
You don't have to have good grades to be entered into the school.
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