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I have been going to this school since 6th and the elementary school since kindergarten so I have been on this campus for most of my life. At least at the elementary school, they actually served decent lunches. I don't know what they serve here but it isn't food.bI'm not saying all but some teachers don't really do a good job at their...well job. Some just give detentions to students for no reason and they overreact. Some teachers just care about that paycheck. There are good teachers who actually care about their job. I know this is a better school than most schools but I don't feel like taking an extra year for languages in a state that only requires 2 years. Also, kids are selling and bringing drugs to school. This is only in middle school.
Lusher Charter School has an excellent, well rounded middle and high school. It allows students to flourish academically without having to sacrifice artistic interests or a social life.
Lusher is an amazing school and full of very talented individuals. They encourage you to explore/show your creative side with consideration of extracurricular activities. The art and academic options are amazing. I would rate diversity poorly because they are not a lot of black people of color, but there are some and there genuinely is a place for everyone at this school. The new principal (Steve Corbett) has also been amazing and is making a lot of changes in order for the school to be amazing for student experience.
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Although no school is perfect, Lusher is great environment for learning and growing as a person. Great teachers who really care and lots of friendly nice students.
Lusher is a very good school. Teachers are involved and want to see students succeed. The students are somewhat clique-y, but it gets better as time goes on. Sport events are always great, because the whole school is ready to represent and support the athletes.
Lusher Charter School's curriculum is arts integrative which supports students with different learning styles. The teachers and staff are welcoming and very helpful.
The students and staff are very welcoming. I do wish that it were a bit more diverse. The school has a lot of fun traditions and school culture that anyone can get involved in and enjoy.
I really enjoy going to Lusher. There are alot of activities and events to be involved in. We have some really amazing staff members here. I really wish something could be done about the dress code and the food. Other than that it's a really good school.
I love Lusher. It is challenging, diverse and fun. I feel that Lusher is preparing me to transition into college.
Lusher Charter School is a great high school. I attended 1st through 12 and while the lower school wasn’t the best, the middle and high school both provide a great track of both arts and rigorous academics.
Great school that completely prepares its students for college. Has seen a lot of change in recent that gives students the ability to be more individualistic, and provides a great set of opportunities for self growth.
Overall a really good solid school. The academics were great and provided a lot of options. The academics really prepared me a lot for college and college counseling was great too. From an alum to students who currently attend, please use college counseling as much as you can, the staff is very helpful.
A great school where you can be yourself. Everyone is welcomed. The long list of academic classes, extracurriculars, sports, and electives are available. Course selection was the most exciting thing of going into the new year. The faculty and teachers are the best and really connect with the students. I loved all of my teachers, even the ones who gave the most work. The students feel as if they can trust the teachers and that's a really big deal.
Diversity of student body made for creative and open environment. An excellent learning environment with resources and involved and invested teachers. There's an excellent balance of academic and creative with certificate programs available to students who'd like to pursue one area or both. Student participation is high because they feel connected to the school and supported by the staff and administration.

I would not change schools if I had to do it all over again!
As a student that has attended Lusher since middle school, I can say that this school has prepared me for college beyond belief and allowed me to be included in a community that has become like a second family over the years. I could not have imagined spending the past seven years anywhere else and will be proud to call this my alma mater.
Lusher is a great school, it has a great academics program as well a a great arts program. It's pretty diverse and a great place to make friends. The only thing I would change is rules like the dresscode because it's lowkey sexist.
Lusher is an excellent place to prepare for college: it is challenging in rigor and thought flexibility. However, the work gets to be excessive, and it stands to get confusing to students who have multiple interests, as it encourages commitment to subject matter at a very early age.
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I swithced to Lusher for a better academic experience and it was every bit worth it. I have learned more that I could have at any other school. I am always being pushed and feel that I will be very prepared when I get to colllege.
I have been going to Lusher since kindergarten, and from the outside, I have always heard it was the best school to go to and how lucky I was to have that opportunity. Though I have little to compare it to, I must agree. The quality of education and opportunities that I have there are limitless. The friends and unique people I have met there are like no other, reflecting off the uniqueness of my city. Having both an academic and artistic mindset, the balance of both is perfect there and I find myself excited to finish my final year there in a few weeks. I'm going to miss Lusher when I graduate, and I'm proud to say that it was the best milestone for my education.
I have been going to Lusher since I was in Kindergarten. For me, the best thing about the school is the sense of community between students, faculty, and parents. Everyone is so welcoming and willing to help you every step of the way if you simply seek them out. I had so many great experiences at this school both because of events the administration sets up for us and because of the people there. It's super easy to make friends at Lusher, the people there are complex and have a lot of different interests so it's easy to fit in somewhere.
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