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Brand new High School/Middle School in the center of Lunenburg. HS and MS are split into separate wings and share the cafeteria and gym. Total number of HS students is between 400 and 500. Small class sizes. AP classes offered. Lots of parental and community involvement.
I had my share of teachers I loved and those that were a bit challenging. The academics were very good. We had a large variety of classes and special equipment for those classes. I enjoyed the art and science classes the best, but the other classes were all enjoyable as well.
As a minority student, I struggled with biased teachers in the math and science departments. Teachers in those departments would constantly pick on me or call me out for having a different background make assumptions about my religion. Some teachers would purposefully give me lower grades while leniently grading the non-minority students. When I tried to report this, the board would not take my complaints seriously. The humanities had some amazing teachers. Mr. Stevenson was one of the kindest and most qualified teachers I ever encountered. He made this high school bearable. If you are a parent of black or brown children, do not send your children here. The administration is biased and not hospitable to people of color.
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With the new facilities, LHS is a great environment for students who are ready to embrace their education. The teachers genuinely care about the wellbeing of their students, and the atmosphere is welcoming.
Lunenburg High School is a safe environment for students to learn in. The academics are good and so are most of the teachers. The new school is doing well and more teachers are incorporating the use of smartboards and Chromebooks into their lessons. Most students play sport and become involved in many activities outside of it. The annual Homecoming float competition and Competitive Class Plays brings each grade together and allows for freindly competition between the grades.
I am a senior at Lunenburg High School. I have been in the Lunenburg public school system since 4th grade and I enjoy attending Lunenburg High School. We have a brand new high school/middle school building that is beautiful. We have a new principal, superintendent and athletic director, so we are experiencing some growing pains. I believe the new administration is an improvement and will eventually accomplish great things. I believe some of the teachers should be replaced, however. I think the administration should pay closer attention to the quality of the teachers and pay higher salaries to attract better teachers. I really enjoy the sports program and the sports that are offered. Most of the teams do well and make playoffs each year. There is a problem finding coaches for some sports, so sometimes teachers in the school end up being coaches. This can sometimes cause a conflict.
Lunenburg High is a public school that gives a private school environment. Since the grades are smaller than the average public school (about 125 kids per grade) the teachers are able to have a better relationship with the students, which I love. The school has great traditions like building floats for homecoming, and it is very easy to join clubs to make connections with students from all grades.
almost no diversity and lunches suck but i really like the school, the teachers are there to help but the homework is rough like hey we are encouraged to do after school activities and that leaves almost no time to actually have a life outside of school, obviously i disagree with some school policies but it is a good school and the people are great.
Had a relatively good experience. Made good friends and was involved in many activities to make high school worthwhile.
The atmosphere at Lunenburg High School is amazing. Everyone is so kind and friendly towards each other and the teachers truly care about the students' well being/success. The only negative is that because it's a small school the class options are limited, although VHS is a good option that is available.
attending a brand new school has been awesome. Teachers helpful. It's a public school so you don't really have much choice in the selection process
Lunenburg highschool has excellent teachers at the higher levels, in all subjects, wit the only arguable exceptions being the second and maybe first years of science. However, the physics teacher is one of the best teachers I have ever had. The highschool is a brand new building, built in 2016, including a gym with new equipment, two soccer/American football fields, another football field, and a track.
Overall, this school has been great. I like the amount of education you receive and how teachers love and are willing to help with our learning. However, one thing that I would like to see improve is the variety of classes we can take.
LHS does a lot with a little. I got sick of the people I was surrounded by, but that would happen with every high school.
Most teachers are amazing and very helpful. Few are burnt out union hacks.
There are quite a few clubs but there could be a lot more. The clubs are more casual and fun than extremely serious. There is a lot of administrative support in all clubs. There are mostly academic style clubs and a few clubs of other focus.
I very much enjoy all of the traditions that the school has. We have class plays, a float building contest, a homecoming parade and many sports and music events. I would definitely choose LHS again because it is so small which makes class sizes very small and makes it easy to get individual attention from teachers. Every class year is a very tight knit group because there are so few in each. Despite being so small there are a lot of different club options though having more variety is something that could be improved. I would absolutely choose to attend this school again.
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Overall, teachers are very engaged with students and genuinely care about how well they are doing both in and out of the class room.They work very hard to teach students and are very knowledgable in there respective subjects. There is very consistent grading across the board.
The school makes you sign an anti bully agreement every year.
Sports have been fun at Lunenburg. I have played softball for many years including summer and fall leagues.
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