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Lundahl Middle School Reviews

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Overall, the teachers were great at Lundahl. The curriculum wasn't too hard, but wasn't too easy, you had to work for the A.
The front office is great with accepting visitors during the day. The only thing that concerned me as a student was that there were no metal detectors or security guards.
Majority of my teachers were fantastic. They made sure the class was genuinely interested in the topic we were discussing. Very nice and friendly if you work hard day and night.
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The nurse is very helpful but sometimes there's just not much she can do. Never experienced any bullying but it's sometimes a problem.
Most of the academic extracurriculars like Science Olympiad are pretty well run, and the students definitely enjoy them.
In my experience, the teachers are all wonderful; however, my younger sister had some bad experiences with the teaching styles of some of the regular-ed teachers. Whether this is because she does not mesh with how they teach or because they are genuinely not helpful, I do not know.
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