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Lund High School Reviews

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I loved attending Lund High School. Everyone is ver inclusive, sport teams are easy to get on (no tryouts), and other academics like Quiz Bowl and StuCo are supported just as well as the sports.
The didn't have any cameras or police at the school because it's such a small school and everyone that went to school there, their families all went before them. The community is so close knit and safe that there wasn't any reason for precautions. I always felt safe.
Everyone is always involved with the students. We have a strict no tolerance for bullying. The dress code is strictly enforced. And your parents always get a phone call whenever you're absent.
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The athletics were amazing. We were always able to use the weight room whenever we wanted. Everyone always worked as a team. We had an amazing fans that always came and supported us.
I had so much fun going to this school. Sport trips were probably my favorite thing. And the dances, we always had to much fun.
It was a very small school that didn't offer a lot of extracurricular opportunities because the school is so small. We had L-Club and Student Council and FFA. Plus the sports. I only participated in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track and Field. We also had super fun dances though. That was a plus.
My senior class took a life prep class, and we did a lot of work to help us prepare for moving out. We learned how to set up a bank account and how to balance our accounts and write checks. We did a lot of research on different jobs, and the colleges we were looking in to. We learned how to write a resume and cover letter. I feel really prepared for going out in the real world.
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