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The staff was amazing, they helped me keep up with my coursework as well as develop a personal relationship with them outside of the classroom. I felt safe walking through the halls and I knew that this school had what I needed.
The staff is very helpful and is always available to achieve you’re personal goals in life. Everyone is so nice and friendly, it is like a big family, the environment is amazing! I have moved to Lumpkin High and it’s the best school I have ever been to! I get treated like an actual adult and get taught real life situations!
It’s a good school with good teachers and students. They need to focus more on the successful parts of the school such as the arts, but it’s a good place to learn.
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Lumpkin County High School is very connected with the students and the staff cared for all students equally.
Overall my experience at Lumpkin County High School was very educational, but fun at the same time. The teachers I had always made sure to provide different learning methods since every student is different. I do wish they could add more foreign languages classes, a culinary class or beauty class. I’m sure many students would be interested in interactive classes.
I loved how connected the Arts were. Visual Art and Theater students worked together through set design. The Chorus teacher would help the Theater students with their pitch and harmonies and sometimes play piano for our show. It was just all around, “I will help you” type of environment. As a artsy student I never felt alone. I could be who I was and love more than one expression of Art. Also since everyone was so close knit you basically had friends everywhere.
Most of the teachers are wonderful but some are unwilling to hep students succeed. LCHS is overall a great school and I think there are lots of teachers and staff who are under appreciated.
Lumpkin County High School is a very good school for both its academic due to the duel-enrollment opportunities with UNG, Lumpkin County High School also has a challenging honors and AP program. They also have a state-of-the-art weight-room which is constantly striving to improve students attitude and physique.
Great teachers and staff. Though the students education is held very high the mental health is not and many kids suffer because of it. Personally I had sat alone at lunch for about 3 months with no help from staff. I do not have any bad memories of any teachers and am very pleased with that department.
Lumpkin County High School offers some good academic and extracurricular programs. The teachers there truly want to see the students succeed. The devotion that the teachers and administrators show make up for the low funding.
Has gotten better over the years, increased it's resources and use of them. The school has increased in quality over the years, especially at the beginning of this year with new staff in place. The new staff has brought many new opportunities to the high school.
Lumpkin County High school was good. I mainly participated in sports which were not very good there.
I feel very involved at the school. It’s a very spiritive environment and there are pretty good facilities.
My experience at Lumpkin County High School was very much good. I was never really interested in sports or clubs so I never joined any. I spent most of my time doing work or reading but even still, it was not hard to realize that a lot of teaches there genuinely cared for the success of their students. Of course, there are always a couple exceptions but I was particularly fortunate with my line up of teachers. I have no complaints for any of them. They were all passionate individuals who made the classroom a joyful place. In particular, my math teacher for all but one class was the one who made math really enjoyable for me and inspired me to advance my mathematical knowledge. Overall, I was really lucky to be in such a school.
In my experience of Lumpkin County High School, I liked the preparation for college and the teachers worked a lot to prepare students for after graduation. If you had questions there were always teachers or counselors that could help you to the best of their abilities.
I think it is important to have a huge family of people to help teach and guide you along the way. I am only a freshman right now, but would love some advice for acceptance in the future.
Lumpkin County High School is an average school. However, we have fantastic teachers that are mostly effective in teaching the required a material. Lumpkin County High School does place a high emphasis on the athletics, yet, they are subpar. The lack of funding to the award winning fine art programs the school possess is a major complaint to some. There also seems to be a lack of competence in administration answering the questions and needs of the students. However, this is not a problem all the time, but it can be.
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Lumpkin County High School has a family feel environment, the teachers and faculty make you feel like a priority not like part of their "job". It has open door policies that allow students to share opinions and any issues that need to be addressed. Parents are always welcome however, due to the recent and reoccurring tragedies with gunmen, the doors are always lock for safety outside and LCHS is planning on taking more steps to promote the safety of their students and staff. LCHS is very involved with the community and sheriffs' office throughout the year and hold several events to help support all residents.
I like some of the freedoms we are allowed in the school and the way they really push for college readiness. I do not like the way they try to control the students and the way when someone gets in trouble they punish the entire student body. I also disagree with the way they seem to care more about sports then they care about getting new books, or the fine arts, or some of the smaller clubs.
Lumpkin County High School is a good school. The students are relatively behaved. The teachers are great, and they are willing to work with you. The administration could’ve better. Currently, I have had many problems arise when it comes to scheduling, and would have hoped the school would have been more open to the students’ needs. The administration seems very unorganized, but will hopefully improve over the years. Otherwise, the school is great and welcoming.
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