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Lumen has helped my children succeed. My oldest struggled with reading and paying attention in our neighborhood elementary school. Lumen Scholar Institute has provided a learning environment that provided individualized tutoring, more applicable tips for parents of struggling readers/learners. Lumen also has a more flexible schedule because of their online and in person blended school week. The supportive/caring teachers and staff have also helped build self-confidence for my children who are struggling learners.
Lumen Scholar Institute provides individualized learning. We have 5 children that attend and each one has their own way of learning. Our oldest loves being in a classroom with teacher guidance and instruction, so the UVU Concurrent Enrollment program was amazing for him. He now has his High School Diploma and UVU Associate's Degree. Our second child has received help needed through one-on-one free tutoring. He also loves being with peers, so going to school once a week, serving as an Ambassador and going to the Jr. High activities has been a good balance.
Our daughters enjoy the flexibility in their schedule, knowing the due dates and online class times, they find a good balance in learning time, creativity time, family time and play time. They can set goals and accomplish them.
Our youngest enjoys curling up on the couch while reading. Then he excitedly runs to get his workbook and pencil.
We love being here for these moments!
Lumen Scholar Institute is a wonderful school! There is a lovely student culture and place of community and understanding. The teachers and faculty care about the students. They take the time to communicate with them and plan for their success. They have an excellent college readiness program, with a bunch of college prep courses.
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Very good school! Has gone through some rough patches, but it is overall a very good environment to learn and to interact with other people. It is very versatile and is what I’d call a school of the future. It encourages the use of technology in the classroom. It blends online and onsite attendance very well. Lumen is very small but sweet school. Being there, you feel like the teachers and administrators really care about you and your education. The concurrent enrollment program has amazing teachers. If you are looking for a school where you can go to school twice a week and have time to participate in extra curricular activities or hold a job, Lumen is the perfect fit for you! If you are looking for a school heavy in clubs, sports and other things at school, Lumen may not be the best fit for you. Love this school!
I liked the opportunity it gives to get ahead in your college education. I did not like the communication between administrators and students, when trying to get any info back we left a message because they didn't answer and went a month without reply. The students are constantly teasing and dissing those that aren't the same as them, the outlier of the group gets ridiculed.
I have gone to Lumen since 7th grade. It has been a great experience, but not fabulous. First off, the junior high was severely lacking when I attended. The teachers were sub par and I felt like I didn't really learn anything. However, the high school is great! I absolutely love the atmosphere and the fact that the administration actually seems to know and love the students. In fact, I'm always talking to the administration, and they want to listen to our problems so that they can solve them.
We like the personal attention and support from the teachers. It is a perfect blend between professionally supported education and home school. We spend two days at the school and three days working at home. The teachers are very caring and supportive.
Great place to take concurrent enrollment! Super nice people and excellent teachers! Would recommend going there!
It is a personalized education experience and a great atmosphere to learn and grow. The teachers and staffs care and want each student to succeed.
Lumen has amazing professors that teach great lessons and help students achieve their goals. Class is fun and interactive between students and teachers. Lumen wants everyone to succeed in life and get the education you need. Lumen hires amazing tutors who go all over the valley to be able to tutor students.
I am very grateful for the opportunities Lumen has provided for my education and future career.
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