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Lumen Christi Catholic School Reviews

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Many of the teachers are wonderful and showed concern for my future. They made an effort to help me be prepared for my future. There is an overemphasis on sports and an under-appreciation on the arts such as choir, band, and theater. Many of the facilities are old and need to be refurbished, such as the bathrooms. There was a decent selection of courses, but very few options for AP or college credits.
The teachers are so amazing, especially working through the pandemic. They made sure to stay on top of things and they really help and care about the students.
Lumen Christi Catholic school is a tough program. From start to finish it will challenge you, no doubt. However, for those who love a challenge, who want to be great, who want to excel; physically, academically, mentally, and spiritually— Lumen Christi is the place for you.

The school boasts over 50 State Championships in their sports. They went to states last year in 3 sports, not including those suspended in the spring due to COVID-19.

The school has smaller than a 20-1 student to teacher average. Every single of those teachers is fully invested in seeing their kids succeed.

The school is Roman Catholic, with all-school mass every Tuesday with an optional offered morning mass in the school chapel multiple times a week. A chaplain on site and multiple adult counselors means you are never alone in your day-to-day struggles, no matter what they are.

If you want to succeed, Lumen is the school for you.
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Lumen Christi is a small school with big opportunities. Every student is well-known by faculty and staff, the classrooms are small enough that each kid has the opportunity to get one-on-one help, and it feels like a loving community.
I look back on the time I had at Lumen Christi. It is the reason that I had a sound preparation for university and a solid basis contributing to building solid personal, study and work relationships. My children will be going there as it is sound investment in a diverse, solid and challenging secondary education.
Lumen Christi was such a great experience , from the staff caring about their students to the Student population itself being so welcoming.
I don’t like Lumen. I’ve not had a good experience with the students here whatsoever. I think that the faculty don’t help any either in much. Some of the teachers are good.
I like that I am in the cheapest Catholic School in the diocese and that I have the ability to worship and get an education at the same time. I just don’t like how much of the focus at school is on athletics and not Christ.
Lumen Christi is school that shows not only the importance of education, but the importance of family as well. Lumen Christi has created a family within itself and has created a community of people who are always willing to do extra and help others.
I attended Lumen Christi and graduated in 2017. I then went on to study at Jackson College and this is when I realized the positive impact of my high school years. I was at the top of my classes at Jackson College and the professors recognized my college preparedness by using my essays as examples and recommending that I become a student instructor. The staff and community at Lumen Christi recognize each student as an individual with unique talents. If s student needs some extra help, they will gladly set aside time in their day to provide the assistance needed. Lumen Christi gave me the educational and spiritual knowledge to be confident in my future college and life choices.
Lumen Christi is a small school with declining numbers since tuition costs create a barrier to enrollment. Overall, my experience was average. Academically, I had a mixture of experiences. I look forward to the opportunity to grow in my future college experiences.
My experience at Lumen Christi has allowed me to obtain experiences I couldn’t find elsewhere. Lumen has given me access to grow in my faith by offering a catholic based curriculum
I'd like the school to move more into the future. Some things they completely miss the ball on. Lack of communication, manipulating statistics, among other things.
At Lumen Christi, I experienced schooling like no other. I was able to be interactive with my faith, as well as prepare myself for college and my future. The atmosphere there is incredible. In my opinion that would be the best part. Lumen Christi allowed you to feel like you had a second family wherever you went. Living in a small town made having a school like that such a blessing. Sports were a big thing at our school. It is what kept our school going. The school spirit was like no other. Students bonded through sports and cheering on friends and classmates as they achieved their goals. One thing I would change about Lumen Christi would be its academics. The teachers, as well as some subjects, were lacking in certain departments. Since it is a small town, the options for teachers was not as big as one would hope for. In recent years the school has been developing solutions to these problems and continuing to change them through trial and error.
I graduated from Lumen Christi in 2013. I was very active in academics, sports, and clubs and I met most of my best friends from this school. I highly recommend this school to all people of faith in the Jackson county as college prep is excellent.
I love the atmosphere and the family centered aspect of this school. It is so amazing knowing you can go to any adult or student in the school for anything. Also, the sports are top notch 49 state championships in 50 years that’s pretty amazing!
The sports programs are great especially football. The arts programs have influenced my life a lot and are really successful. The school is small but has a family like environment. I have attended this school for 4 years now. I would not want to go anywhere else in Jackson. Lumen is the obvious choice.
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It's the Catholic school in our area, but it's not a good school when it comes to being fully on board with Christ and His Church
I enjoyed the small class sizes and the overall atmosphere. There were also some great teachers. One thing that could definitely be improved is the list of available courses, but this isn't likely to change much due it being a small school.
Lumen Chrisiti is a place that I can call home. With it's extra curricular programs and how well the academic programs are set out, this school is above average. Lumen is faith centered, but it also critically focuses on everything about core classes, and things to prepare students for college. Most of the teachers are very supportive and caring toward their students, and they treat their students like human beings. I would definitely recommend Lumen Christi to someone looking to transfer their kid into a new, safe school. My school is like a family, and I'm glad to be part of their program.
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