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Lumen Christi Catholic High School Reviews

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I have been attending Lumen Christi for nearly three years. I transferred to the school at the start of the fourth quarter in ninth grade and have gained so many new experiences. Transitioning from a classical school to Lumen was tough at first, as I had never used a computer during school before and many of the classes required that I use one. Now as a junior, I wish that I had attended Lumen at an earlier age. I am less afraid to present projects and can talk to people that I normally wouldn't talk to. I cannot see anything specific to change in my school. At Lumen I am given much more freedom than my previous school. Lumen is a school that knows how to balance being relaxed with being strict and considers what the students want during their staff meetings.
I love Lumen Christi. The small class size allows the teachers to give their students one on one attention. I learn so much everyday. It is a fantastic Catholic environment and because of Lumen Christi I have grew closer to God.
I went to Lumen for Junior High and High School, and overall it was a fantastic experience. Academically, I was challenged, in the best way possible. My limits were pushed, but I always felt like I could rely on my teachers or peers if I had concerns. It is a very unique environment, every student is welcomed, and treated like family. I genuinely feel like I got the best possible education from teachers who are so passionate.
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We are huge fans of Lumen. Our son is getting an amazing academic curriculum with teachers who sincerely care about his future and well being. We know he will be ready for College and the world when he graduates from Lumen. They truly teach and support confidence, giving, kindness and living up to each student's full potential. I'm excited to see where my child will land after his time at Lumen. I know they are preparing him for a great future!
Two of my children have graduated from Lumen Christi and our third child is a sophomore currently. WE LOVE THIS SCHOOL AND THE LUMEN COMMUNITY. THere is such a great atmosphere at this school and my children have received an excellent education. Wonderful, long standing teachers truly care for all the kids. As a catholic parent I am particularly pleased with the affirmation at school of the same values as we work to teach them at home has been very helpful. Community Service is infused in the curriculum and I am so proud that our children have taken that commitment as their own as they continue their education. Bravo Lumen Christi!
Our child just transferred from Dimond High School to Lumen in the middle of her Sophomore year. We are Protestant, not Catholic and our daugther currently declares herself as an atheist. Yet, we could not be happier. At first our daugther was very skeptical about the change, but decided only after 4 days at the new school that Lumen was a much better fit and that she did not want to go anywhere else. As parents, we are also very impressed with the academic rigor of the school. Our daughter is learning way above what she was before and is motivated to do better. With such small class sizes, the teachers can really teach and not just manage the classroom. We also love that she is learning about Jesus in the midst of her daily routine at school. She seems to be finding her friends and her fit. There does not seem to be many established groups of kids as there is a sense of camaraderie throughout the whole student body. I only wish that we had her attend Lumen Christi sooner.
This is our second year at Lumen Christ and we are extremely happy with the choice we made for our daughter. The above-average test scores and 100% graduation rate are a direct result of the high-quality teaching and the caliber of the staff, who take an effective, creative approach to teaching, while emphasizing the Catholic faith. The extracurricular activities are an added bonus (our daughter has participated in soccer, band, and student government) and the small class sizes with active participation create a vibrant learning experience. The affordable tuition is also one of the lowest in Anchorage and a steal for the quality of education the students receive. I would encourage anyone to contact the school and take a tour - you will not be disappointed!
As the parent of a 7th grade Lumen student (with a younger sibling following next year) - all I can say is...If you're looking for a rich, caring environment bound and determined to help every child succeed and successfully launch, then look no further than Lumen Christi. It has a small population compared to public schools which makes for a truly supportive experience in the classroom, on the sports teams and in any extracurricular activity. The academics are rigorous and the small class size means excellent teacher support and to a degree, "individualized" teaching as they truly understand, care and know what works for your child and their particular learning style.
Lumen Christi High School has small class sizes and teaches who genuinely care about the students and their grades. Help is always available and the staff is kind and charismatic.
THe school is not large enough to justify a school nurse, but that would be nice.
The make available what the students are interested in. Very passionate support for drama, and sports. No one, who is willing to be a team player and put in the time will be turned away.
I have 1 graduate and 2 current students. My husband and I agree this is the best investment we have made in our children's future. The staff and students live out their beliefs and values in the classroom, doing community service and in their extracurricular activities.
80% of the teachers hold masters degrees. Teachers meet each morning to pray for each student individually. They meet as a group to self assess their week and the concerns they may have to get ideas. THey are VERY available to parents and students. Very little turn over.
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