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I enjoyed Principal Brooks making it a fun and enjoyable school but it is a poor learning environment and the teachers aren’t to good at teaching, especially the math teachers. The schools cleanliness is not too good and the students are not there to learn.
Its a good High School they give you so many opportunities and want to see you succeed. Although it is great and all sometimes its the students who act like they dont care about their education and tend to fall into the crowd. Kids here need to realize how important an education is and how its going to affect you later on in life.
My Lumberton High School experience was overall very very good. I feel like it’s a really good school, but there is room for improvement. One thing I would like to see is more teachers who actually care about the quality of education rather that just bring there because it’s a job.
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Lumberton Senior High brought together everyone from Robeson County. The school itself gave many memories throughout my years. I would love to see improvements to help the students success after high school. Maybe more college courses, or prep test classes , maybe student tutors.
Lumberton High School was the School I attended from 2015-2019. My experience was pretty normal because I was a really shy kid so I didn’t get around much. But what I notice was how festive the school was from it wide variety of clubs (some I didn’t know exist until my last year in high school), it cultural programs, sports and wide variety of other cool activities. The teachers were really nice and they taught me a lot. There really nothing wrong with the school except maybe their restrooms. Than again what school have perfectly clean restrooms?
I love the pride that most of the students, faculty, and staff have for our school. I do wish that the teachers will start to push their students to challenge themselves more.
I liked how the teachers are dedicated to our education. I also participated in sports all four year. I played soccer and did cheer. I loved the coaches and the overall experience. The administrators also were always helpful in helping with my educational needs.
They have a large number of AP classes for students to take and I think taking AP classes helped my child to mature.
I love Lumberton Senior High School, it is a really great school & the teachers are awesome. The one thing that I wanted to see change has been in process every since they’ve gotten a new principal
Lumberton High is a good school. We have a better administration system now than ever before. We don’t really have that many incidents anymore this year since we have got new administration and new staff. I enjoy going to school and attending Lumberton High.
I love my school because it has a plethora of clubs and organizations to join, and it also has always been full of diversity. The biggest thing I would like to change is that I would love for our counselors and administration to notify us on scholarship opportunities.
This is my fourth year attending Lumberton Senior High School. I have enjoyed beening involved with their sports program. I have played on the Pirates Volleyball team for 4 years and also played on the softball team for the last 3 years. My hopes are to also play my senior year on the softball team.
My senior year has not started well. My county was affected by Hurricane Florence and several of our schools were damaged by it. This is the second time in two years that we have been affected by a hurricane. We were also flooded by Hurricane Matthew. I have been out of school for over a month. I am just ready to get back to school so we can get back on track and enjoy my senior year.
As a senior of Lumberton Sr. High School I found my experience quite enjoyable. Me personally I enjoy Highschool I am a multi athlete of volleyball, basketball, and softball. The teams I play on aren’t usually very good. Unfortunately my Highschool experience isn’t the same for others. Other have experienced vet violent situations and altercations during the day. We have had many fights, threats, a pistol whipping and even a stabbing. Security isn’t always a strong point in our Highschool. I sometimes feel we need more discipline. Not everyone is treated the same for instance one race might get more benefits than the other, or an athlete rather than a normal student. Other than the violence, discipline, and safety I have not felt threatened in any way. I personally feel safe and I love going to school here. My ongoing 4 Years have been quite pleasant as a Lumberton Highschool Senior.
In all LHS is better than most of the surrounding high schools in terms of academics and its facilities. The staff however is another problem. Most of the AP and honor teachers are good, but teachers in the common core area are a joke. There is a big shortage of teachers and we end up with a lot of subs.
My overall experience at Lumberton Senior High was good. The one thing that I enjoyed most was that some of the teachers and staff actually cared about the students, and was there for me when I need something, even if it was just have someone to talk to. I Also enjoyed the sports programs, I am a 3 sport athlete, and every year we competed for conference titles and even made it to the 4th and 5th rounds in basketball my last 3 years. I do feel like the security level needs to improve, because with over 3000 students, if something was to happen, we don't have enough people in place to stop the unthinkable, think our security needs to pick up, better metal detectors more law presence would be nice as well.. Overall I love my high school.
Lumberton Senior High is the largest school in our county. There are plenty of clubs, sports teams, and events that take place throughout the year that allows students to get invloved and meet new people.
I would like to see more involvement of the staff with the students. I know numerous students that fight depression, bullying, etc and no one tries to help or reach out. I do know that if you do establish a bond with a staff member it truely is a strong bond and was worth the work of connecting.
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I like that we have many different cultures that attend our school. I would change the safety issues that arises in some instances.
I like the activities they attempt to provide to interact with students, and administrations effort to provide things we are interested in.
Lhs is a very decent school, nothing to really brag about. It can be very unsafe there are thousands of students who attend and very limited security.
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