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Although there were definetly some good teachers out there they were few and far between. The facility itself was great since the town itself is doing good when it comes to funding. That said the people running it made it an uncomfortable place to be. In the fourth grade and on you are split down the middle and assigned 'blue' or 'gold' team. This means you're classes are seperated from half the people you met in the years prior, for the rest of your lumberton career. So what happens year after year is two groups of kids gets secluded if they don't do extracurriculars because they don't get to meet the other half at all. It just leads to a lot of unneccasary divide but based of off recent news LMS might be ok with that concept. Due to these divides bullying was rampant and mostly unchecked. Academically it was alright but with "gifted and talented" program there was even more divide! Just call it advanced academics or something else instead of giving kids elitist mentalities.
The Teachers and the curriculum are very good at Lumberton Middle school. However, the administration made poor decisions on scheduling and how to deal with a student to student problem when I was attending.
This school, is average. The about 40% of the teachers are nice and about 48% of them actually teach good. The school needs new lockers, and some new bathrooms. The girls and boys bathroom are nasty. The teachers are not the best. Like one teacher (not saying name) is abosolutly rude to the kids. Me myself am one of the students, and becasue of the teacher, lets say I was failing that class for 2 solid marking periods. That teacher thinks that by saying things like "If I were stuck in a desserted island, i would never go with you" or say "this is the easiest question in the world. The answer is right there. A person that is blind could literally see it." . the sports are not the best. Soccer, basket ball, hockey, track, cheerleading, softball. thats it! this school almost sUcKS. Giving this school an avarage is me being nice.
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Wonderful school, Great teachers, Great community, Nurses, home study team and counselor worked well with my brother and his surgeries. He was able to keep up with his studies. Band was one of my most treasured experience, If you are interested in playing and learning to play an instrument, this school is great.
Working with the community and doing community service also helped me a lot in connecting.
There are good and bad eggs, just like everywhere. Overall, I think the teachers care. However, I've been very disappointed at the number of movies the kids watch on a daily basis. How is this teaching? It's more like babysitting. Showing more than one Disney film per year is just crazy and there is no wonder why these kids are behind in testing.
Competition to get on a school team is high here, as many kids are into sports. Some smaller schools near by, everyone gets on the team, where the 15th player here would be good enough for their team, but our team is full. Some coaches are good, some just looking for extra cash.
There used to be more clubs a few years back, but funding has been cut.
The administration just changed over, so I'm hoping for a big change, but I doubt it will happen. The guidance counselors have been taught to just say no to schedule changes, even at parents requests, the office staff is often unhelpful. Dress codes, although on paper, are not enforced.
Unless you "test into" the honors classes, (which is almost impossible, according to the ruberic they created) the academic classes that are "average" level or "select" level are a joke. They are so dumbed down that I'm shocked that any teaching goes on at all. But, with all the special ed students who are mainstreamed into the regular classes, it isn't surprising. Behavior is terrible, and classroom management is not a top priority at this school.

Some of the teachers are good, but when they have badly behaving students in all of the classes (except the honors classes) then how can they be expected to teach to the top of the class? How can they be expected to get much of anything done? It's a sad state.
If you have a problem, they do not have a solution. If you need help, don't come here. I have never seen such a lack of professionalism from an administration as from this school, and I am a teacher. The PTA tries to keep parents away from the schools, and the school board looks for ways to say "NO" when you ask for help. Very disappointed!
There are the very rich from the huge houses and the poor from the apartments in this town, and they all go to one school. They all have to try to get along, competing to wear the brand name clothes and play sports together on one team. They don't often end up in the same academic classes.
The vague letters sent out by the superintendent only worry and confuse the parents instead of comforting the parents. They let bulling get full blown and out of proportion before taking action, and often the wrong person is punished, instead of both parties, only one is punished. Poor leadership!
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