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My teachers have always helped me get where I need to be as a student. They go out of their way to help with personal problems along with school problems. The teachers at Lumberton Highschool truly are the best.
I love Lumberton’s hometown feeling. Everyone knows everyone and the community is bonded in everything, especially hurricanes being in south east Texas. I do wish the school was less outdated or remodeled. Most of the schools are around 50 years old and have only had minor changes here and there since. The use of technology is extremely underdeveloped in contrast to other districts. Many schools have iPads for every student and a curriculum to go along with it. We don’t even have enough computers for all the students. While it all still works and I’m still getting a sufficient education it makes me wonder how much better it could be if we used proper resources.
Lumberton is a great school overall especially for such a small town. The teachers are great and help students to the best of their ability to set them up for a great college experience
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My overall high school experience was average. Bad thing’s happened, good things happened but they both equaled each other out. Some things that I do not think that really matter about the education system and getting an adequate education is the dress code. My reasoning toward it is that as long as i’m getting an education and passing my courses, why does it matter if I am wearing leggings for jeans? Leggings are not inappropriate. Another thing I do not agree with is why can’t seniors decorate their graduation caps? We have gone through school for 13 years and we can’t even decorate our earned cap? Ridiculous. However, Lumberton High School has molded me into the person I am today. I have been in choir for 6 years, including middle school, and have noticed that choir is always on the back burner. Only used when needed then pushed to the side the rest of the time. Further more, however far I move off, I will always be a raider at heart.
Very good teachers but sometimes some teachers are kind of slow. They also have a excellent staff. Mostly everyone is so nice. When it comes to student fights they action quickly.
Most of the teachers are nice and really care about their students. What I would like to see is a more stable administration.
This school has to lead me and many others to go on in the world and chase after are dreams and no matter what never give up on what matters to us.
Lumberton High School is a very well rounded school and excels in many different areas. One area I would change is the amount of support other sports receive besides baseball and football.
I enjoyed the support in extracurricular activities whether it be for sports or academic based programs. I wished the school was more spirited in decorations and personalized around campus to create a welcoming culture.
My experience at Lumberton High school has been extremely rewarding. I transferred to Lumberton ISD from homeschooling at the beginning of my Junior year. The High school counselors have been incredibly helpful, doing everything that needed to be done to ensure that I would have all the credits I needed to graduate with my class in 2019.
I appreciated the involvement each teacher put forth into my high school experience. I always felt cared for and never felt unintelligent. Lumberton provided a very safe environment, therefor I was never afraid of going to school like many students around the world. The school was always kept clean, thanks to our incredible janitors who are always seen with a smile on their face. Overall, there is no other high school I'd rather graduate from.
Lumberton High School taught me much; academically, emotionally and socially. I believe my teachers gave me their very best in effort.
I enjoyed attending Lumberton and participating in different sports and the community support. I liked the fact that everyone knew each other from students to teachers in and out of school. There were always activities and clubs for everyones different interests.
A few things I like about Lumberton High School would be the many clubs and activities that are available.
The thing I like about Lumberton is that there are so many great opportunities. There is always something interesting happening at school. There is also a club for each personality type and the organizations are very welcoming.
Most of the teachers are actively attempting to teach students in a unique and effective way, especially in the English and History departments. The food isn’t anything special but it’s edible. One of the only issues at the school is the athletics program is largely focused on football and the events surrounding it, leading to and obvious (and painful) lack of necessary funds in the remaining sports. With that being said, other extra curricular activities, like clubs, are very well run and consist of a variety of interests.
I️ like the atmosphere and the teachers there but I️ also could see the system changing as in being more strict on students and now allowing them to do whatever they want, altogether it is a very well school
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I have meet a few great friends here but, I've been let down by teachers who are an expert in the information that do not know how to teach it. I have only passed one AP test because the teachers were more concerned about rushing through than their students actually comprehending the material.
I loved going to school through Lumberton High School. I felt that I was able to try multiple activities and also learn a number of subjects.
Once you find you’re group of friends it is okay, but there’s a lot of snobs there and very little diversity.
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