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I personally liked the support from my teachers. They pushed me to the point where I am now. I never knew I would be top 10 in my class and I knew I didn't do it alone. Only thing I would like to see change is more involvement to get ACT scores up and state tests.
The teachers truly care about the students. We are a small community but we help each other. The parents and teachers communicate daily. I get messages every day of all the activities and progress of my children. It gives me peace of mind knowing the teachers care about my child as an individual. Both my kids are in beta club and stem. We go to after school stem activities and football games. I go and eat lunch with my kids. They do a lot of parent student lunches. We love our school. We have always had our kids in big schools and were worried about a smaller school but now we have been here two years and absolutely love it.
I like my school a lot. I've been going here for a while but not my whole life. This school does have a lot of problem that are in the process of being fixed but overall its an okay school
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I moved to Lumberton High School in the middle of the 2017-2018 school year. It has been a great experience so far; it is a little smaller than my old school, but I love it. You know everyone, and it the teachers are connected to you and interact with you. They teach you and you can trust them. The school is also good in very sports, and I will be a 2018-2019 High School Cheerleader. It is a very good school to say the least.
I had a great experience at Lumberton High School. My favorite part is the teacher make it their best effort into helping you out in whatever you need.
My experience with Lumberton High School has been pretty successful overall. They never fail to help me prepare for college and obtain the resources I need. I always have assistance with finding everything I need about tests, scholarships, or anything involving my academics. They always notify me if I have been recommended for a "once in a lifetime" opportunity through the high school. The whole staff of LHS promotes students to always do their best of their ability and achieve all possible goals. There is always someone you can go to when you need to talk to someone about a concern or just need a person to listen. Teachers try to make a relationship with their students and comply with their needs. The only thing I would want to change is a few things about attire when being outside and food provided. Other than those two things, Lumberton High is actually an outstanding school to attend.
easy school to get around. Teacher student ratio is really good. Helps you connect to teachers and helps the connect to students learning styles. However, resources are limited. Hardly any technology.
They could do better on the discipline.
I love this school because of the amazing students and staff that attend it
It could be better but my school focuses on healthy food
The sports and fitness programs are okay at school but because of our low income we can't live up to our full potential
The teachers at my school try their best to educate us even though we are limited on resources
The extracurricular opportunities at my school are not that high but my school does the best it can with our low income
They do make us study a lot .
A lot of students at my school only do things out of peer pressure.
The safety rules at my school are great. We actually have random drug checks.
As I said earlier the athletic program at my school is great. Our middle school even have many fans at their events. The cheerleaders have great school spirit.
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My principal is very involved with us as students.
I enjoy my school even though it's a small school.
We have great athletes at Lumberton High and I am one of them. Our community supports us.
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