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I am so proud to be a Luling High School graduate. Throughout my years here I have made life long friends and found my true self. I will always be indebted to the teachers and mentors for them educating me on being the best I can be.
very limited resources. Mostly good people, just not very organized so opportunities aren't obvious. most of the time you have to figure out how to do everything by yourself whether it is classwork or college opportunities.
Our academic approach is below standard. Teachers are not strict, allowing room for error in the students. ISD policies are not as enforced as they should be, and the learning environment as a whole is lacking. I would like to see a stricter, more strategic way of learning, more community involvement with the students, and a happier school environment.
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Overall, Luling High School is an average school. However, they are trying their best to change and be known. Furthermore, they have a really great cross country team - seven consecutive wins!
Luling High School has a nice small town feel but struggles with keeping teachers at the schools. During my experience at Luling ISD I saw teachers come and go every year, this made the learning environment hard for me.
What I liked about Luling High School was the that i was comfortable most of the time in the classroom environment. I feel that an improvement that is needed here is disciplinary actions.
I had a great time at Luling High School. It wasn't perfect, there were a lot of things that needed some attention, but I know that many things have changed since I graduated. I was glad to have gone to a smaller school where I knew everyone and everyone knew me. It made being involved in several activities much easier. That being said, if I had gone to a large school, I wouldn't have been able to participate in band, athletics, NHS, FFA, 4-H, and still be able to be in the top ten percent of my class.
If you were not born and bred in Luling, Texas you stand no chance of fitting in. This was without a doubt the most clique infested school I had ever been too. The teachers play favorites and most of them went to community college or Texas State. The coaches are horrible. I feel sorry for the football players because when I was there those coaches were so hard on them and never let them drink water. Most of the kids I went to school with are still stuck in that smelly oil armpit of a town. They never even tried to leave. It's like a blackhole. The principal, coaches, teachers, administration are horrible and unprofessional. I really believe one of the football coaches was inbred because his ears stuck out like opie and he always had this dumb confused look on his face like he had been sniffing the aroma of oil at the pumping jacks for too long. So glad I got out of that town. There weren't alot of options in that town and alot of guys ended up dead or in jail.
Luling High School is very different. This school offers various classes including dual credit classes.
The cops are at the school some times, really only when there is a threat or when we are in need of a drug dog. The nurse is in a separate building at another school. Overall I think the school isn't too bad on safety and health precautions, however there is still room for improvement.
There aren't very many options, but the ones that we do have are okay. I do wish they offered more, even if I am graduating, because incoming students need more options.
A lot of teachers are parents, family members, or family friends of students. With this being the case those students are favored and are almost allowed to do what they wish. Students are bullied a lot and little to nothing is done about it. Teachers can't keep their students under control. You have students throwing things across the room, screaming at the top of their lungs, and blasting music. There also is a strict dress code that allows almost no freedom of expression. I wish I had moved to a different town and went to a different high school. I would never choose to relive my high school life. I can not wait to graduate in 7 days.
Some of the teachers at Luling High School barely teach, while others are never giving us a break. You have teachers that let a book do all the teaching and don't ever interact with the students, teachers who never do book work and are always just giving lectures as if we are in college, and then you have a few teachers who balance each. Also there are some teachers who favorite certain students and other teachers who care for everyone and treat everyone equally.
This school is okay. Its really small and everyone talks about everybody else, and the drama is really bad. I do like my teachers a lot, and I seem to learn very well in class.
It's an okay school. Many of the students don't seem to care for their education, but there is a select group that does. Most of the teachers work hard to give their students a good education, but due to the uncaring students, it doesn't always work.
There is a variety of food and the staff are very nice.
Most students are punished the wrong way, most are picked on by teachers.
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All students support each other. I would have to say the equipment is probably the best Luling High School has.
Some teachers care, some don't. Coach Adams, Coach Lymas, and Mr Wise are the best teachers.
Well before Mr. Lymas was a coach at Luling High School, it was horrible because students didn't really have an opportunity, half of the coaches didn't care. As soon as Lymas stepped in, things changed; academics were better, students were more confident, and more games were won.
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