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Luke M. Powers Catholic High School Reviews

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The school overall is great. The teachers are friendly, everyone ( as in the students) gets along. The sports are good and winning each year. It’s a great place to be
Powers provided several avenues for students to learn and grow both academically and in their faith.
Good experience, teachers are very good and almost all very willing to help a student that may be struggling. Athletics are competitive and may exclude students who simply want to play or be part of a team. There are a variety of clubs and activities to participate in. Enjoyed the religious environment and weekly mass as well as holy day mass. There is a priest assigned to the school, and a retreat each year for every class.
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I feel that my child is prepared for college. The school is very beautiful and safe. I appreciate the extra safety measures that the school has in place.
I really liked our history department. The teachers are very great at educating the students of past times. They really enjoy what they do and show it by being there daily and energetic to class.
My experience at Luke M. Powers Catholic High School was an eventful four years for me. First, off I have been a member of the Powers community since I was born from my dad attending school their when he was in his teens. I love this high school so much and it will always have a place in my heart.
Dedicated staff and strong academics make Powers an ideal learning environment. Also, Powers avails students numerous opportunities outside of the classroom to sow their leadership and compassion for other.
The school is very academically and spiritually centered. It has been that way since Powers Catholic was founded. Powers Truly cares about the giving students the capacity to succeed as scholars, and as faithful Catholics. 95% of students that graduate from powers Catholic get accepted into colleges throughout the United States.
Common Catholic school with your cliches and cool teachers. It’s like any other school minus the violence and a little more Jesus. We have mass every week for advisory, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, and advanced college prep classes. Along with various extracurricular activities, clubs, theatrics and sports.
Great experience for my son and our family! Would highly recommend to other families. Adjustment to more communication with students to empower and promote independence and increase skill set. Families receive weekly or as needed emails regarding academics, culture, student life, volunteer, resources and various information which is great! Son very pleased with school environment and culture.
While the education is slightly above average, you will be alienated by the majority of students if you aren’t exactly like them. The counselors can only help you with education and college if you’re interested in STEM or business, and I do not think they’ve undergone any type of emotional support training. We are required to take a theology class for both semesters of every school year, and the teachers for this course are not required to have a degree in teaching. Pretty good education, horrible social scene.
There are many wonderful things about Powers Catholic High School! When you first step into the building, you feel like a part of the Powers family. Everyone is so welcoming and willing to help. The education it has provided me with will benefit me immensely in the future and has definitely prepared me for college. Tuition is a expensive; however, it is worth the price for the education that is received. I highly recommend attending Powers Catholic High School
Powers Catholic is a great school that offers an elite education while centering students’ lives in Christ! Here at powers, students master skills of discipline, communication, and hard work through courses suited to their knowledge base. The staff, teachers, and campus ministers bring the light of Christ into everyday life!
Focus on education and preparation for college. Staff works hard to assist students to help them achieve their academic goals and to develop a strong sense of community and to appreciate others.
Luke M. Powers is a good school, but horrible at preparing students for college. They are great in the aspect of loving and caring teachers but the teachers don't do much of anything to prep their students for college.
I was a part of many sports teams which helped me build my character and competitive drive. The education I received here helped prepare me for college and my future.
Powers Catholic high school is an inclusive environment for everyone of all religions and ethnicities. The teachers are welcoming and the school is located in a safe area. The students are kind and always willing to help you or the community.
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The communication between school and home is excellent! I receive an email every Friday with news and updates. Students develop a close relationship with the faculty.
The sense of community within the school was sensational. Whether you transfer in late or start as a freshman, you make tons of friends, and each sport made available is ready to compete for trophies with great coaches and at least a few elite players or fantastic actors and coaches in all departments. The 4 year experience was amazing.
Powers has been a positive academic experience for my three children that have attended. My children are well prepared for college. My children have developed wonderful groups of friends that have continued beyond high school. I would like to see more clubs and activities offered throughout the year.
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