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LVLA is a small charter college bound school. The best thing about this school is it's community from the students, to the staff, and the principal.
I liked how due to the school's size, you are able to receive more help from teachers and other staff members. Attending either college or a university is encouraged a lot and more students are likely to go. There is a lot of help offered such as meetings and workshops.
Something I like about this school is that they have teachers that really care about you, they go out of their way to make sure the students are passing their classes. Also, the teachers there are open to create bonds with students and with time the teachers become more like your friends. Another thing this school has is something called advisory, it's kind of like having a homeroom but in advisory you stay with the same people throughout the 4 years of your high school experience, it's a little family. Now, our dances are fun because we are a mostly all Mexican in this school so we all feel accepted and we have 2 sister schools and our dances sometimes combine and thats when they're the best. If your goal is to make it to college, this school helps and does everything in their power to help every student get into college. The only thing that is stopping me from giving it 5 stars is that the campus is small.
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What I like about my school is that it is very helpful and supporting. The teachers care very much about the students. No matter what issue there is, the school staff always making sure everything is okay and that everyone is doing well. I also like how small the school is and it's easier to get to classes and everyone knows you. Everyone gets along and the principle is always checking up on students during break time and checks up on classes as well. The counselors are very understanding and very helpful. It has many activities and it's full-on opportunities for students to take in and it's fun as well. I mostly like how parents are always connected to what's going on and how we all work together as a community.
Luis Valdez Leadership Acdemy is a charter school filled with diversity, authenticity, and college readiness. Build off of values such as En lak’ech and Sankofa. A school who choose to inspire and educate their students with their Latin roots. Teachers are dedicated to their students and provide much more then just a teacher influence. Luis Valdez is a school where the community is much more that just students and administrators. It’s a tight net family, a family that wants to see you be successful and strive for a four year university.
Luis Valdez Leadership Academy high is the best school they nice teachers and meet friends and selling food every three days of school
The teachers were always going the extra mile to help a student especially when it came to one on one help
the teachers care so much about you Mr.Block is An amazing teacher Aswell as Ms.Mendoza Wonderfull teachers are at lvla
This school really helps with things that you struggle with if you need help their is always help. It also prepares you for college.
It's alright, I never really learned anything new. They focus more on awarding students who are doing poorly to make them feel better. While students who are doing great never get appreciated.
I love that the teachers really help you out and have office hours after school to help you, also that we can express everyone's cultures.
Luis Valdez Leadership Academy overall is a very college-bound school. The faculty members push you to overcome challenges and prepare you for University.
The experience I’ve had is alright. A few examples are like the math which is taught well and lunch and brunch is ok due to the time we have which isn’t too much but it’ll do. Other than that mabey a better time schedule because it ends at 4:40 or 3:50 depending on grade level. Other than that it has been a good school and easy to find a place as well .
I think Luis Valdez gets their students read for college, offering advance classes and even college class on campus
Luis Valdez is a very small school that focuses in a person dreams and focuses on preparing there child for college. They have amazing teachers specially the advisory teachers are the best the math teachers aren't the best I can say. They have a goal is to keep track on what students want and how they doing specially what's more beneficial for them. We often have college trips we go to see university's to have in mind what we like. The main problem is they lack on resources and students won't find the high school experience like other schools but they have a very supportive system.
Our school is so different than other schools. We get extra support from teachers and we become family. The class that has helped and supported me the most was advisory. Another thing that is special about this school is that every student gets a Chromebook.
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