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Lugoff-Elgin Middle School Reviews

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I enjoyed LE middle. The classes can be challenging, and you can get a start on some high school classes early. Most of the teachers are pretty good, but some still need more training or help. There are various clubs that you can join.
The parents involvement is what makes the favoritism at that school.
The school nurse is not the most compassionate person in the world she hardly ever there.
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The food is death do not eat it the school should be ashamed of themselves for feeding us that mess.
There are so many students at he school that they have to use the the old middle school middle for class rooms and they call that building the annex that school needs to tear that building down and rebuild it from the ground up.
Honestly you are more likely to get in trouble for dress then anything else. When you are having problems with teachers they will not help you.
There are teachers that care but there are some teachers that have a lot of favoritism.
When I was a student at Lugoff-Elgin High School I had two teacher tell me "If I don't like you I don't have to pass you. There is a lot of prejudice at that school the school always caters to the preps and jocks non athletic people like me are left to fend for themselves. The food in the cafeteria is death it is so nasty I recommend you bring a lunch from home. The football team sucks I stop going to the games all together. The pep rallies are the most stupidest event ever. The school has their own news thing and it is so lame because they old let people with high GPAs to participate which are only the preps and jocks. I don't recommend this school to no one.
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